Simple Tips to Stay Calm During Holiday Travel

Going home for the holidays doesn’t come without its fair share of hurdles, delays, and unexpected changes. Air travel can be especially challenging for individuals flying back home to visit family and friends during the busy season. While most setbacks are out of the traveler’s control, there are various ways you can prepare for the challenges that may arise.

Traveling home for the holidays? Below are five tips to stay calm during holiday travel.

Set realistic expectations

Dealing with less-than-ideal challenges is more manageable when you mentally (and emotionally) prepare for those hindrances. While you shouldn’t dwell on the what-ifs, you should set the right expectations for what your travel plans endure. Flight delays are a lot less stressful when we account for the lost time. Wouldn’t you agree?

Create a backup plan

Do you have a plan B, C, or D in case your preferred travel plans don’t work out? Many of us don’t, which is one of the top reasons holiday travel can be so stressful. Flights get canceled, rental cars get overbooked, and road closures are more common than we might think. While it may seem like negative thinking, coming up with a backup plan can help you stay calm during the typically stressful season.

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Make the best of delays

If your busy schedule keeps you from reading your favorite books, binge-watching popular shows, or organizing your digital files, travel delays can be a blessing in disguise. Think about it. Most of us wish we could have a few extra hours in a day to do something we typically don’t have the time to do. Use any downtime during holiday travel to check some things off your task wish list.

Pack your must-have gadgets

Being stuck in an airport is bad enough. Being stuck in a loud airport alongside hundreds of other travelers is a nightmare. While you might not have much control over the crying babies and inconsiderate and loud travelers, you can control how much of that noise you choose to hear. A good pair of noise-canceling headphones and a portable device can help you need to escape your reality and enjoy some soothing and relaxing content.