Why You Should Start Buying Christmas Presents Now

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering why there’s a holiday-themed article before Halloween even rolls around. Well, life post-pandemic is way different than what we’re used to, and that now includes the holidays, especially gift shopping.

This Christmas will look a lot different than in years past. Below are three reasons why you should start your holiday shopping now.

Supply chain issues

Now, I am no manufacturing expert, but hearing the world lost its mind over supply chain issues has put into perspective everything that we usually take for granted. Whether it’s new cars on a dealership lot, phones at a service provider, or electronics at a retailer, the abundance of items we’re used to seeing on the shelves is no longer a reality.

Pro tip: If you have specific items on your shopping list, get to them early and prepare to have the patience to be let down several times before being able to secure it (if at all).

Slow shipping

The increase of online shopping during the pandemic combined with staffing shortages (and other factors) has drastically impacted shipping timelines. While you could count on 3-day shipping in the past, you should now expect to wait a lot longer for your items to arrive. This delay will only worsen during the holiday season.

Pro tip: Set your expectations low. If you plan for your shipping to take twice as long, you won’t be upset when it take a week instead of 7 days. Plan and don’t wait until the last minute to place your online order.

Increasing prices

If you’ve gone shopping recently, then you’ve probably noticed the increased prices in nearly all departments. From groceries to fuel, toiletries, and everything in-between, it seems like prices will continue to rise while availability will consistently decline. If there are certain items you have your eyes on and are contemplating purchasing, it might be wise to do it soon.

Pro tip: When purchasing from retailers like Costco and Target, take advantage of their return policy. You can purchase items now and return them for a full refund before Christmas. This means that if prices do go down in the next two months, you’ll be able to get your money back and secure the item at a better price.