ASOS Votes To No Longer Airbrush Models

The online retailer ASOS is being praised for their new campaign which does away with airbrushing models on their website.

The website currently features various lingerie and swimsuit models sporting their figures au natural and people shopping the site are taking notice.

Stretch marks are shown in all their glory, and bodies actually mimic those of real women. The unedited photos are just some ways fashion retailers are electing to make their brand more relatable to their shoppers.

Big retailers like Target, Aerie, and Rheya Swim have all done away with airbrushing their models, allowing girls to be prideful and confident in their bodies, according to NowThis Her.

Many girls on the ASOS site are shown sporting fun bikinis and stretch marks, showing that even models have little imperfections just like the rest of us.

The idea that airbrushing should be banned is nothing new. The unrealistic image airbrushing and edited photos give to young girls can be harmful to their self image and health.

In the US roughly 20 million women suffer from an eating disorder, according to the National Eating Disorders Association. Poor self image can start as young as 6 years old and follow young girls through high school and into their adult life.

Roughly 44 percent of high school girls attempt to loose weight, and nearly 75 percent of high school girls engage in destructive behavior from low self esteem, according to

And the fashion industry has been under constant scrutiny for playing a large role in causing poor self image to young girls and teens.

Photos of super models sporting a perfect figure due to airbrushing is often lost on young girls. The understanding that the images are edited do no favor for those who are surrounded by perfection.

Even runway models have been known to engage in harmful body practices to secure coveted spots on the runway. Recently, France banned models from walking in shows if they appear to be unhealthy and underweight.

Hopefully more retailers will jump on the real-life bandwagon and start showcasing models in their true form, stretch marks and all.