therapy.session.1Therapy. A whispered topic between people because no one really knows how to feel about therapy. Is participating a sign of weakness or maybe even pointless? The most common statement I hear about therapy is…I don’t need to pay someone to listen to me, I have friends and familyI am sure you do! But, therapy is much more than having someone listen to you moan and groan about the people, events, and decisions in your life.

I believe everyone could benefit from therapy, as long as they are willing. If you walk into the door already rolling your eyes and thinking about all the places you would rather be…it probably won’t work. Thoughts create reality! And positive thoughts equal positive outcomes. On the other hand, if you decide to have an open mind and a willingness to try something new then therapy could be perfect for you!

You may think that those who go to therapy are struggling with serious problems and have a ton of skeletons in their closet. Some may, but definitely not all. You don’t have to be fighting something inside or striving to change-nothing has to be “wrong” with you. We are all humans and therefore we all go through similar steps. We go to school, we have relationships, we lose loved one’s, we have financial issues, we create families, etc. These are only a few of the numerous events that happen in our lives.

Even throughout the day, we are feeling a great deal of emotions. Stressed, happy, sad, angry, affectionate, confident, passionate, regretful, shyness, interest, jealousy, and disappointment. Think about it. Which one of these emotions have you already felt today? Go through the last 24 hours and remember. I am sure it’s more than a few! Humans are emotional creatures and therefore may not even realize everything they feel on a daily basis.

Exploring more about yourself is something therapy will give you. We are not perfect and being able to grow and change is what life’s about. There is nothing wrong with needing someone to help guide you as you alter and adapt. Therapy allows you to discuss EVERYTHING with someone who is on your side. Someone who won’t judge or whisper about you to friends and family behind your back. Doesn’t that sound nice?

What do you think? Would therapy be the right choice for you?