ashley.graham.image.We are so quick to stereotype models. Whether we consider them to be vapid or just simply bad role models for young girls. We judge them for appearing too thin and too self invested in their looks. Counting every calorie to keep their small and petite figures. Altering their face and body with all the cosmetics and treatments in the world to maintain this forced idea of “beauty.” This isn’t the kind of image we want our children to try and mimic.

Luckily times are changing! It seems to me that models are slowly but surely getting more diverse. When I was a little girl all I saw on television were those triple ZERO model’s with perfect skin and not a freckle out of place. This isn’t necessarily the case anymore!

We now have famous plus size models appearing in high fashion magazines! Models with certain birth and skin disorders are gracing our televisions and New York City Catwalks. Hurray! Yes…times are definitely changing! Let’s take a moment to spotlight the future generation of models who are the reason the term “high fashion” isn’t what it used to be.

  1.  Ashley Graham made history last year when she was featured in Sports Illustrated Magazine. This year she won’t just be fshaun.ross.model.image.eatured, she will be a part of the annual edition and is even in the running for “Rookie of the Year.”
  2. Winnie Harlow has a rare skin disease called vitiligo. This condition is the same one that the late Michael Jackson suffered with. She has embraced her skin and has gone to compete in the 21st cycle of America’s Next Top Model. Winnie has appeared in many magazines including Complex AND Glamour.
  3. Shaun Ross is famous for being the first male albino pro model. He has become the new face of the Ford Motor Company with the slogan, “Be Unique.”

These models are only a few who are changing the definition of what “beauty” is. You can’t forget about models like Rain Dove, Leah T. or Jillian Mercado who suffers from muscular dystrophy. All of these models can be seen in campaigns for some of the most popular brands. Love it!

As writer Samantha Leal said on Marie Clare, “What could be more beautiful than an ever expanding definition of what beauty really is?”