Top Mom Hacks for Picky Eaters

As a mom, one of the daily struggles I deal with is getting my daughter to eat healthier. Like most children, my seven-year-old daughter is a picky eater. She has those favorite meals she can’t seem to get enough of but refuses to give new and exciting things a try.

Since choosing to work from home, I’ve had more time and energy to focus on meals that will get her excited for dinner time. While there’s still a long way to go, there are tips and tricks that have worked wonders for me.

If you’re dealing with a picky eater, you’re not alone. Below are some of my top hacks for picky eaters.

Keep it simple

It’s important to keep in mind that kids’ pallets aren’t mature yet. Growing up, my mother would make grand meals for dinner on a daily basis. I followed in her footsteps and found myself doing the same thing. However, that’s not always ideal for picky eaters.

Keeping things simple can save time, money, and the headache of untouched plates and empty bellies. If you’re into grand dinners like me, tone it down a bit and see if it helps.

Get them involved

Kids love the kitchen, so why aren’t we getting them involved more often? I was hesitant to involve my daughter in dinner time tasks because of safety and distractions, but I’ve found that the nights I involve her in meal preparation, she is more excited to eat.

Start with simple tasks like washing veggies, tossing salads, and adding ingredients as a good introduction to new routines.

Introduce new foods slowly

Children are quick to dismiss things they’ve never tried before. Especially if it’s as intimidating as brussels sprouts. By introducing new foods slowly, you’ll prove to your children that different foods aren’t so bad after all. After a few tries, you’ll build trust with them and have them eating foods you’d never think were possible.

Find a bridge

Keeping note of the foods your kids actually love is key to building menus they’ll enjoy. Find a bridge between your child’s current favorites and new meals that can be added to the menu. For example, my daughter loves tuna salad, and while she would love to have it every night for dinner, I wouldn’t. However, I am willing to try a variety of dishes with tuna and similar ingredients in them line tuna sandwiches. She’s now a fan of both meals.