overweight.men.feature.Last week I wrote an article titled, “Why Do We Criticize Overweight Women?” The purpose of this article was to explore the opinions that women have on other women who are perceived by society as “overweight.” Like stated, society has a strong prejudice against “fat people.” And women who are on the thinner side form certain opinions just by simply looking at an “overweight” woman.

But, what about men? What do men think of when they see women of different sizes? Are they as quick to judge and form opinions as women are with one another? I recently interviewed a variety of men to gain a deeper understanding of their opinions on “overweight” women.

It surprised me to learn that men who are on the heavier side are less accepting of “overweight” women than men who aren’t. What? In fact the more muscular and leaner men didn’t seem to have an intense preference when it came to women they thought were attractive. But when I asked “overweight” men to tell me what type of women they are attracted to they used words like; thin…fit…skinny. 

This made me think about all the men in my personal life and what I have heard them say about women. When looking back, it occurredthin.woman.beautiful. to me that the rude comments I’ve heard, in regards to “overweight” women, have come from men who aren’t thin themselves. When asking my male friends to describe girls they are attracted to, those who were heavier brought up the importance of a certain body type.

Do you think “overweight” men are more prejudice against “overweight” women? I asked a fellow woman who said, “I think overweight men don’t want to be with someone who is also overweight. They want the thinner women. But, I have many male friends who are thin and actually prefer curvier girls.” Interesting. 

After discussing this matter in full I started to believe that “overweight” men are in fact prejudice against “overweight” women. But, are they more prejudice than other men? I am not sure. It seems that men, regardless of their personality or body type, believe they should be with Victoria Secret model look-alikes. What do you think?