vampirefaceliftfeatureWe live in a society that is constantly being rocked by social norms.  Whether it be overalls coming back into style or the legalization of gay marriage; we are doing our best, as a culture, to alter and adapt our way of thinking.

With all of this change, do you think society has helped redefine the definition of what a woman is?

It used to be women were thought to produce children, keep a clean house, and prepare dinner for their family.  Now a days woman are also working; building empires while maybe still maintaining those stereotypical standards.

Woman have come a long way- but have we come far enough?

There is still an incredible amount of pressure on woman to look a certain way…flawless. While going to the gym, working, running errands, hanging out with friends; we make sure we look “attractive” at all times.

But, what does it mean to look attractive?  Clear skin?  Thin body?  Amazing clothes that sit well on our petite frames?

The meaning of these words- beautiful, attractive, gorgeous, hot- have been planted into our subconscious minds.

We know a beautiful girl when we see her.  We can point out certain aspects of a person that we think look “good.”  We can look in the mirror and tell ourselves that we need to lose 7 lbs in order to look beautiful, attractive, gorgeous, and hot.

Where did this sickness to mold ourselves into something we think we should be come from?

It can be said that men have helped define what beautiful is; I don’t believe that is entirely true because the definition keeps changing.  In the past, woman used to be reserved barely showing any skin and that was thought as sexy.  Now, woman are going to fraternity party’s barely clothed and drinking anything they are handed.

Why?  Because woman think that is what men want.  Because society has told men that is what they want.

Society has given us commercials of young-thin girls with long hair, pretty smiles, and flawless looking skin, selling us anything and everything! We see these specific types of girls all over the media and it’s no wonder men think we are supposed to look like them….we think we are supposed to look like them!

Society defines everything, especially in this current generation. But, it’s time to stop allowing society to determine what we are and what we’re supposed to look like.