Self Care to Prepare You for the Holidays

Even though it is only October, the stress of the holiday season is already right under our noses. It seems impossible that 10 out of 12 months have passed by, yet here we are. While some of the more proactive women may already be looking past the spookiest month of the year, the rest of us are dumbfounded we even made it this far.

For those of us who can’t bear to think about Thanksgiving, in-laws, cooking, baking, shopping, and all the other joys of the holiday, here are some self care tips to get you ready for what is to come.

After all, winter is coming— and yes, it is as ominous as it sounds!

1. Prepare your lists/prioritize: Planning ahead, while it may not be everyone’s forte, is the easiest way to decrease stress, especially during this time of year. Make your to do lists far in advance so there is little to no last minute shopping or surprises. Time management is a huge factor in stress. Making lists and prioritizing certain tasks will help you visually quantify the work you need to do..
2. Take care of your body: Physical well-being is important during high stress times. Make time to enjoy the weather by going for a walk or a bike ride. Try not to eat the last bit of cookie dough in the 20 batches you have to make for your child’s school. Don’t completely replace your summer eating habits filled with fresh fruits and lean meats for heavy comfort food. It is possible to live in moderation and instead of feeling lethargic after your meal, you will be energized and proud that you did not eat until you had to put on your “special” Thanksgiving pants (a.k.a. your oldest sweatpants) before Thanksgiving.
Graphic stock3. Troubleshoot in advance: If you know you will have to cook, clean and prepare accommodations for your family, use your big brain to think about seating arrangements, sleeping situations, general rules of the house and chore lists. When your guests arrive, you are in charge! If your uncle likes to dig in the pantry until he finds the wine, lock it up! If your niece and nephew scream if they don’t have a night light, buy a sturdy one in advance! Your guests and your sanity will thank you.
4. Treat yourself: Give yourself some me time. Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in making everything nice for other people that you forget you only had 8 hours of sleep over two days. A tired household is a stressed household. It’s prone to emotional breakdowns and forgetting the turkey in the oven. Make sure above all else you can enjoy the festivities as well.
5. Don’t forget what the holidays are all about: Generosity and gratefulness are two keywords this holiday. When you give back to the community and world, good things come back to you. Set an example for your family and friends. Be the holiday superstar they always dreamed of being. It won’t be because you put on the best Thanksgiving dinner in the past 5 years (but you did and you deserve recognition), it will be because you did it all with a smile on you face and warmth in your heart.