‘Me Too’ Hashtag Reveals Sexual Assault Happens Too Often

Upgrading to the iPhone 7In the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s firing from The Weinstein Company, many women are speaking out about their experiences with sexual assault and harassment.

Numerous actresses have come forward sharing their horrific experience with the Hollywood producer, all of which involve unwelcome sexual advances, Weinstein being inappropriately dressed, and insisting business meetings be held in his private hotel room.

But Hollywood is not the only place where a dark underground of exploitive behavior lives. Sadly, many women living average lives are coming forward to share with the world that sexual assault and harassment is a massively common occurrence with the now-trending hashtag, “Me too.”

Actress Alyssa Milano started the hashtag upon the suggestion of a friend. The idea was to see just how many people replied to her tweet with two simple words holding a big meaning.

The purpose of the tweet is to give the world an idea of just how large scale the problem of sexual violence is, and how many women experience some sort of sexual exploitation in their life.

Within a few hours the hashtag became the No. 1 most trending hashtag on Twitter.

One in three women experience sexual assault or harassment at work, and 65 percent of women experience street harassment, according to the website StopStreetHarassment.org.

Recently, Lisa Guerrero, investigative reporter for Inside Edition, shared her experience. Guerrero explains before she was an investigative reporter, she was a young actress in Hollywood.

Up for a role in a Steven Seagal movie, Guerrero was asked to meet with Seagal at his home for an audition. When Guerrero, accompanied by a casting director, knocked on the door, Seagal answered wearing only a silk robe.

Guerrero, like many women, are coming forward to shed light on the very real issue of sexual assault and harassment not only in Hollywood, but also in daily life.

“The ‘Me too’ movement has been inspiring to see. It’s one thing for a person to tell their story, but by sharing our experiences together we are really able to create momentum and change,” Guerrero said in a statement to SmartFem.

Although #MeToo is not the first movement of its kind, hopefully it will continue to inspire others to share their experience and help end sexual violence once and for all.