Three Simple Tips to Stay Engaged During Dull Business Meetings

2020 was the year of change. Many Americans went from working in suites to working from their couch, and from in-person meetings to virtual gatherings. After more than nine months of hosting business meetings through a screen, I think it’s safe to say that Zoom fatigue is real. While we appreciate the technology available to us during these difficult times, we can’t ignore the fact that some virtual meetings are painful to be a part of.

Whether it’s the lack of planning, energy, or synergy amongst your team, there are steps you can take to stay involved and engaged during boring business meetings. Below are three simple tips to stay engaged during dull meetings.

Turn on your camera

It can be tempting to keep your camera off when you aren’t required to do so. However, it’s easy to get distracted and lose interest when you’re not held accountable. When you choose to have your camera on, you’re more likely to actively listen, take notes, and engage with the rest of the group. Regardless of how boring or dull the meeting may be, staying on-camera encourages engagement.

If your work from home style has transitioned from suits to sweats, this might be a good way to keep you accountable and reconsider your style. Personal grooming and style are key when it comes to boosting productivity. If you want to stay engaged during a business meeting, get dressed, and show up.

Avoid multitasking

With no one on your team beside you to see what you’re doing during the meeting, it can be tempting to get off track. Whether you’re itching to check your social media, anxious to finish that assignment, or playing with your pet to kill time, don’t give in to temptation. The time is blocked on your calendar for a reason. If you want to stay engaged, the best way to do it is by being present.

If you find this tip to be particularly difficult, try turning off your notifications, putting your phone in a different room, and maybe even clearing your desk. Distractions come in many shapes and forms, so identify which ones are most tempting for you and get rid of them.

Get involved

There’s no better way to stay engaged during a dull business meeting than to get involved. I know it can be tricky to insert yourself into a conversation that might not be exciting to begin with, but it’s possible. If you’re always on mute during your meetings, consider participating, sharing your thoughts, or adding some energy to the call.