Four Easy Ways to Stay Organized and Productive in 2021

There’s no better time to create new habits and routines than during the New Year. It’s must be the magical feeling of new beginnings, fresh opportunities, and second chances that make everyone want to be a better version of themselves. Resolving to be more organized and productive this new year is a resolution you have the power of tackling.

Improving your organizational and productivity skills is key to growth and success. Fortunately, conquering productivity and organization isn’t rocket science. Below are four easy ways to stay organized and productive in 2021.

Monthly calendar

Call me old school, but I’m still a big believer in the power of a physical calendar. I love having a bird’s eye view of my upcoming events and activities and then crossing things off as they get accomplished. If you find that you’re always missing appointments, deadlines, and special events, it might be time to give a physical calendar a chance.

Google calendar

In addition to a physical calendar, I’m a big fan of Google calendar. They’ve figured out how to make planning easy with their features, tools, and overall look and feel. Since we’re all on our phones every day, this is a great tool to keep you accountable no matter where you are. Color coordinating can keep you systematized while notifications and reminders prompt you to stay on-task and productive.  

Task management app

When it comes to organization and productivity tools, there’s no one-size-fits-all product. Developers are cashing in on the productivity craze. In today’s busy world, we’re all trying to do as much as possible with the limited time we have. Apps like Asana are great tools to stay organized and productive. The best part? You can assign assignments to your co-workers and track progress right inside the app. It’s free, effective, and so easy to use.

Visual reminders

While I love technology, I couldn’t live without my visual reminders to keep me on track. In addition to my physical calendar, I love using sticky notes to remind me of some important and timely items on my to-do list. We all procrastinate, but it makes it a little bit harder to do so if we’re constantly reminded of that thing we should be doing.