How to Silence Negative Self-Talk and Boost Your Confidence

It’s sad to think that in today’s dangerous world, our most threatening risk is ourselves. As women, we often struggle with perfectionistic qualities that keep us from celebrating our accomplishments and enjoying the present moment. That’s when our inner critic comes out and fills our brains with negative self-talk and destructive feelings.

Self-talk can have a significant impact on your self-esteem. Below are four simple ways to silence negative self-talk and boost your confidence.

Recite positive mantras

Positive affirmations help change reoccurring negative thoughts and transform them into encouraging beliefs. There are countless affirmations you can find inspiration from. Pick one and recite it daily until your hurtful thoughts lose their power and fade.

Challenge your inner critic

Like a lawyer cross-examining a witness in court, it’s time for you to cross-examine your inner critic. Challenge those negative thoughts with examples of why they’re not accurate. List all the lived experiences that prove your inner critic wrong. You don’t need a law degree to understand that the critic’s case is full of weaknesses and doesn’t stand a chance against your arguments.

Put yourself in different shoes

Whenever I find myself being unfairly unkind to myself, I ask whether I would be just as critical of someone else if the tables were turned. Most of the time, it’s a definite no, which makes me question my harsh criticism and unfair comments. If you wouldn’t say those rude things to someone else in a similar situation, then you don’t deserve the disapproval either.

Practice Gratitude

There are countless benefits to a regular gratitude practice. One of my favorites is its power to help me overcome my toxic thoughts and negative self-talk. A daily gratitude practice is a simple and effective way to add perspective to your life. It takes you from a low and depressive state to one of abundance and joy.

The next time you find yourself going down a dark road of hurtful thoughts, change your words, beliefs, and mindset. Your self-esteem with thank you.