Strong Women Are Not Bitchy Women

I feel like there is still this misperception that strong women are somehow bitchy women, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Strong women are those who refuse to be labeled second rate when they are just as good as the person next to them.

Strong women are the mothers, sisters, wives and grandmothers who are raising children, working two jobs and still finding time to make every soccer practice of the season.

When it comes to being a workforce in corporate America, strong women are the ones who refuse to be overlooked for their achievements, contributions, and hard work.

And perhaps the strongest of them all are the ones who continue to keep their nose to the grindstone even when they are overlooked, bypassed for a promotion, or expected to keep quiet when someone makes an unwanted advance toward them.

How often do you hear men apologizing for their good ideas, or feeling bad to ask for a raise? That’s because our culture has groomed us to see strong, forceful men who demand compensation for their worth as go-getters while strong women are now divas or nasty.

A strong woman who recognizes she isn’t earning the same as her male counterpart isn’t a bitch for demanding equal pay, especially when she is better educated and has more experience. 

It’s time we foster a culture and society that has higher standards for the betterment of women, and that begins with the end of teaching young girls to be sweet, soft spoken, and docile. 

We must teach the next generation of women to be outspoken fighters, and insist on gender equality so much that it no longer becomes a topic of discussion because it won’t be something we have to discuss.

It’s time we teach girls to be strong. 

Only when we accept that more women are breadwinners, higher educated, and equal players will we begin to see the change we all want to see.

So stay strong, because being a good person has nothing to do with being a woman or man, being tough or meek. We all know women can be good people while still keeping their strength and dignity.

Strength is something instinctively built into women’s nature. We should never be afraid to use it.