It’s always sad to see an iconic hero pass away.

Carrie Fisher brought Princess Leia to the world in the Star Wars trilogy in 1977. She was a breath of fresh air and a powerful, strong voice for women.

Hollywood was tinkering with the idea of giving women strength as well as beauty and they had just began Charlie’s Angels in 1976.

One of the things I loved about Carrie Fisher was that she was real. She was a hot Hollywood mess and owned that.

She struggled with addiction and mental illness throughout her life but used her fame to bring awareness. Despite her troubled life, in addition to being an actress, she was an author, a mother, and an advocate.

She continued to fight her demons as she trudged on, and allowed herself to become vulnerable to the criticism that would follow her throughout her life.

I was truly saddened to hear that she had left us so soon. She will forever be the strong, fearless princess warrior who graced the screen many years ago.

Although Carrie was an amazing actress, she was also a tremendous person and gave a voice to those who had none.

She was criticized about her weight and appearance when she reprised her Princess Leia role last year, yet it took tremendous courage for her to take on the role and show what real women look like after the age of 50.

It’s my hope that someone will continue her fight to make sure that women continue to be authentic and their true selves.

Thank you, Carrie Fisher, for all you have done for Hollywood, but also for young girls like me. Your strength, moxie and courage are inspiring. Rest in peace, Carrie, and may the force always be with you.