Pack School Lunches Your Child Will Actually Eat

For too long, packing school lunches for my daughter was a stressful task. Between deciding what to pack, to wondering whether she even ate her lunch, packing school lunches can be a stressful undertaking for a busy mom.

Fortunately, after years of packing school lunches, I finally feel like I’ve gotten a grip on the big responsibility. If you’re a busy mom who struggles with what to pack for your picky eater, I’m sharing my top tips for successful school lunches.

Below are four tips to pack school lunches your child will actually eat.

Make it snackable

If your child loves snacking as much as mine, then this is a great trick to add to your lunch packing system. Children can sometimes become overwhelmed by big portions in front of them, so cutting things into smaller, snackable portions can help. Offer smaller portions and more variety to give the illusion of smaller meals.

Give them options

Before heading to the grocery store, ask your child what they’re in the mood for that week. You can create a printable “menu” filled with healthy food options they can choose from. While some parents might be against giving their kids options, I’m a big believer in feeding my child healthy meals of her choice as long as we have the items handy at home.

Add a treat

While healthy foods are the priority when packing school lunches, adding treats can motivate your child to finish their entire meal to enjoy dessert. This can be something as simple as cheese crackers or peanut butter balls. Make sure to remind your child that the treat is only available once they finish their meal.

Get them involved

If your child likes helping out around the kitchen, then packing school lunches is a great responsibility to add to their list. Of course, they might not be able to help in every aspect but getting them involved can encourage them to eat their meals every day. I like to have my daughter pack small items like baby carrots and peanut butter balls into her bento box.