Add These Versatile Vegetables to Your Fall Garden Lineup

Fall isn’t often referred to as a harvesting season. As the weather drops and the soil begins to cool, gardening enthusiasts have the perfect atmosphere for what could become a rewarding crop. While fall is a great time of year for some produce, not all vegetables are created equal. Knowing which seeds will successfully grow into hearty vegetables can help you get the most out of your garden.  

Now’s the time to start planting the seeds for your fall harvest. Below are five versatile vegetables to add to your fall garden lineup.

Brussel sprouts

If brussels sprouts are a must-have side dish during holiday dinners, make sure to add them to your fall garden lineup. Brussels sprouts grow best in cool weather and even tolerate a light frost. Keep in mind, however, that growing brussels sprouts takes patience. They can take up to 90 days to grow.


Celery is a great option for a fall garden because it’s a staple vegetable in many dishes, especially during the holidays. Whether served alongside other popular veggies on a platter, mixed in the turkey stuffing for added flavor, or used in a warm soup for a chilly fall day, celery is a versatile vegetable you can get much use from.

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Green onions

If you’re looking for a vegetable you can plant and harvest in less than a month this fall, green onions are your best bet. The harvesting period is about four weeks after planting. Once the leaves grow to about the size of a pencil, you can begin harvesting and using the flavorful veggie in your favorite recipes.


Potatoes have a similar timeline to brussels sprouts, sometimes taking up to 90 days to fully mature and be ready to harvest. Potatoes can grow in harsh climates, which makes them a great option for gardening enthusiasts looking for vegetable options that can withstand low temperatures and even a light frost.


Unlike brussels sprouts and potatoes, lettuce can be ready to harvest in as little as 30 days. It’s one of the quickest vegetables to grow, making them a great option for families with young children who are less patient than the average gardener. Lettuce is also a great option for your fall garden because it’s a healthy and versatile vegetable that can be used in multiple ways when meal planning.