Five Simple Ways to Practice Self-Love and Boost Your Confidence

This year has taken a big toll on our mental health. With so many restrictions and so little human interactions, many of us are spending more time tearing ourselves down than building ourselves up. It’s time to do something about it.

If you’ve recently found yourself feeling down and self-conscious, you’re not a lost cause. There are daily habits you can implement to turn your mood around and your self-esteem upside down. Below are five simple ways to practice self-love and boost your confidence.

Work out

Our body is our temple, so it’s time we start treating it like one. Time and time again, workouts have proven to boost mood and confidence. That’s because our body releases endorphins, which reduce stress and help you feel better. Not only will daily workouts make your body feel better, but they’ll help your mind improve as well.  

Practice gratitude

It’s nearly impossible to talk about self-love without talking about some sort of gratitude practice. That’s because our mindset plays a huge role in our self-love and confidence. When you take the time to acknowledge everything you have and how far you’ve come, you’re reminding yourself that things are better than they might appear to be. Take a look around and take inventory of all you’re grateful for. I promise you’ll quickly notice a difference.

Celebrate success

When was the last time you patted yourself in the back for something you accomplished? This could have been an assignment, a workout, or a chore you had been putting off. The truth is, most people fail to celebrate even the smallest wins, so, in the long run, we think we haven’t moved the needle. This greatly affects our self-esteem. So, next time you accomplish even the smallest task, give yourself some props, and celebrate your win, you’ll quickly notice your confidence boost.

Prioritize grooming

Grooming is subjective, so what matters more to me might not be important to you. Being aware of what daily practices make you feel your best is key to boosting your confidence. For me, I love spending 15 minutes every morning doing my makeup. It’s nothing extreme, but it goes a long way in making me feel my best and showing up as the best version of myself every day.

Do what you love

OK, this one might seem easier said than done. However, it’s not as difficult as it may seem. Taking the time to do something you love is just a matter of prioritizing. Do you love to travel? Start saving and make some plans. Do you enjoy cooking? Go to the market and come up with a new recipe. We spend more time coming up with excuses than we do doing what we love.