Five Simple Steps to Become an Early Riser

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved waking up early. The idea that I have a couple of extra or “free” hours to do anything I want amazes me. Simply thinking that while I’m awake tackling my to-do list, so many people are still sleeping, and not getting that head start makes me feel like I’m ahead. There are many benefits of becoming an early riser. Productivity is one of them.

If you’re working waking up drastically earlier every morning, it’s important to understand that the change won’t happen overnight. Below are five simple steps to become an early riser.

Go to sleep earlier

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the key to waking up earlier every morning is going to sleep earlier too. If you’re accustomed to a particular number of hours every night, your body will demand that whether you wake up at 4 am or 9 am. Do the math and go to sleep at the time that would ensure you would still get the appropriate amount of sleep if you wake up earlier. It might not be easy at first, but it’ll be well worth it in the long run.

Identify a good reason to do it

What’s your motivation for becoming an early riser? No matter what your reason is, it’s important to keep it top of mind when attempting to snooze your alarm. Having a strong why is often the reason behind actually getting up and doing what you have to do. Whether you’re trying to get your small business off the ground while working a full-time job, are trying to get an early-morning workout to improve your lifestyle, or simply want to be more productive, identify that reason and keep it close at all times.

Progressively change your wake-up time

Drastically changing your wake-up time isn’t the best approach when trying to become an early riser. Trust me, your body will likely reject that alarm and hit the snooze button faster than you can open your eyes. Instead, try progressively moving back your wake-up time. If your alarm is set at 7 am, try 6:45 am for one week and then change it to 6:30 am the next. You can continue with this weekly change until you get to your desired wake-up time.

Get up and out of your bedroom

If you’re serious about waking up earlier, then you have to get up. As soon as your alarm goes off, climb out of your bed and into another room. It is a great time to walk over to the kitchen and make yourself a cup of coffee to kickstart your day. If getting out of your bed is hard for you, try placing your phone/alarm away from your bed and on the opposite corner of your room. It will force you to get up and turn off the alarm. While you’re there, make yourself that cup of coffee and start your morning.

Reward yourself

There’s no better way to get motivated and stay motivated than by rewarding yourself. This reward doesn’t have to be anything big or extravagant. Start small by rewarding yourself with a coffee from your favorite coffee shop at the end of a successful week. If you wake up early every day that month, maybe splurge on a mani or pedi. When it comes to rewards, try doing something you wouldn’t have done otherwise.