Mindset Shifts to Use Karma to Live a More Abundant Life

Most of your life, you may have heard Karma referenced as, “Karma’s going to get you,” or “That’s karma for ya!” Karma is usually associated with the idea of what you put out in life will come back to you. If you send out good vibes, you get good vibes in return, and if you send out bad vibes, you get bad vibes back. Which is basically called, “Cause and Effect.”

The Cause is your thoughts and the Effect is your reality that you are living. Those who talk about lack are usually living it and those who talk about abundance are living it. You don’t see successful people going around saying, “I am a failure.” They don’t say it; they don’t play it and they don’t live it.

There is no luck and there is no coincidence. It is absolute precision on the Universe’s part with how we get what we get in life. I have just one question about Karma. If there is Karma, then how are you supposed to know when a karmic debt is paid? Your life experience becomes a vibrational match, or a “mirror” reflecting into your life with the thoughts that you keep “thinking” and the way that you keep “feeling” about your life experiences.

Are you feeling frustrated or at ease with life? Are you feeling loved or alone? How are you feeling financially? If you come from a fear of being broke, you will attract more financial challenges such as the refrigerator going out or having to get new tires and maybe even more bills to pay.

All of these experiences are matching the energy of what you don’t want because you keep thinking and feeling what you don’t want more than what you DO want. If you keep feeling broke and alone, you will attract more experiences to be broke and alone about. Friends may disappear or you may lose your job.

Let’s change your life experience! If you have ever had an experience in life that you felt abundant, successful or loved, then recall that memory and just feel it. Let it play and vibe with that happiness, that fulfillment, that abundance in life.

African american woman wearing yellow sweater at kitchen smiling with hands on chest with closed eyes and grateful gesture on face. Health concept.

Begin to feel loved, appreciated, empowered, and anything that feels good to you. We all want someone in our life who loves us. A lot of us want abundance but when we are asking for something from the Universe, we approach it with what we don’t want more often than with what we do want.

You may think that you are saying the right thing when you keep asking the Universe, “What am I doing wrong?” If you keep asking that question you will experience more circumstances to be “wrong” about. Start asking, “What am I doing right?” You will be brought more things to be “right” about. Repeating a similar pattern and getting a similar result.

What DO you want? Health, abundance, success? What feels good to you? You will attract the people, places, and circumstances to match the thoughts of what you are constantly thinking about and the way you’re feeling about things. Feelings of happiness, abundance, and success will bring you more life experience to feel happy, successful and abundant about. You may get a raise at work, win a contest, and feel connected to positive vibes that you can call positive Karma.

When you get up in the morning, say to yourself, “I am thankful, I am happy, I am happily thankful for all of the amazing people and good experiences in my life. I am abundant in every positive way of my life experience and I am an amazing person, perfect just the way I am. My life is fulfilling and fun.” Say it throughout your day and just have some fun and see what life offers you.  

“Feeling” the happiness, success, and abundance as if it’s already in your life even before it is, is a big key to success in attaining your dreams. It’s time to experience life and make it a richer and more fulfilling experience! Allow Karma to work for you with a new way of experiencing the greatness in your life.