Three Tips to Step Out of Your Style Comfort Zone

When it comes to your outfit choices, when was the last time you tried something that made you feel daring? Playful? Fearless? Although fashion is one area of our lives where we’re allowed to experiment and have fun, we’re often held back from making bold moves because of our comfort zone.

Comfort zones are great when we need to feel safe and secure. Fortunately, there’s nothing dangerous about taking some risks in fashion. Below are three tips to step out of your style comfort zone.

Get inspired

If you’re looking to change things up in the style department but don’t know where to begin, start by getting inspired. I love scrolling through sites like Pinterest, examining a specific look or style, and then getting creative on how I can make that outfit my own. Just because you get inspiration from somewhere doesn’t mean you have to lose part of yourself. Take what works, leave what doesn’t, and do what makes you feel good in what you’re wearing.

Start small

Chunky accessories, bold colors, and wild fabrics don’t all have to happen at once if you’re not comfortable. If you’re hoping to create more daring outfits but aren’t quite ready to fully commit just yet, take baby steps. Start by accessorizing an outfit you already feel comfortable wearing, or layering another article of clothing for a chicer look. Taking fashion risks can be intimidating, so avoid having a complete meltdown by trying things in increments.

Have fun

The most important step when experimenting with fashion and stepping out of your comfort zone is to have fun. If you’re wearing a cool outfit but give off a bad vibe, people will read into that, and defeats the purpose of trying new style choices. Let go of the fear and embrace the endless possibilities to have fun, make bold choices, and show up as the best version of yourself.

How do you step out of your style comfort zone?