woman-excited-happy-featureHave you heard of Bumble?

This fairly new dating app is changing the game by putting the power back into women’s hands. Let me first say, I am not a frequent user of online dating sites. When I was in college I flirted with Tinder until I realized that it was basically a breeding ground for narcissistic men only looking to “hook-up.”

The number of inappropriate messages I received from potential “matches” was insane. Cheesy pick up lines, sexist statements, and all around rude comments made me deactivate my Tinder before even making it to a first date. I wasn’t the only woman experiencing this. A lot of my girl friends were upset that guys were spamming their inbox with degrading and revolting messages.

Guys were starting off conversations by saying:

Come to Vegas with me this weekend so I can beat you up so good.

Let’s meet up tonight and have sex.

What are you wearing?

What’s your favorite sex position?

Do you have a twin?

Whatever happened to just saying hello?!

I understand that not everyone is looking for love right now and some have different understandings of what a relationship is. That’s fine! But, there needs to be a site where women have the power to control the first messages that come through their phones.

people.phone.feature.Thankfully, now there is. Bumble! According to the app’s website, “The woman always make the first move, and if she doesn’t say something to a new connection within 24 hours, that connection disappears forever.” Talk about women having all of the power, right? I love it and it’s because women are calling the shots for once. Most of my friends are finding that they themselves are growing in confidence because of Bumble. No longer are they waiting for the guy to message first. If they wait more than a full day they’ll miss out completely and that timeline actually really helps woman.

I have found that Bumble not only helps you make the first move online, but in every day life as well. I am now way more inclined to ask a guy out in person because of the confidence Bumble has given me. If women are looking for a dating site that gives them more power, confidence, and guys who appreciate all those qualities then Bumble should be a top contender.

Also, actress Amy Schumer met her boyfriend on Bumble, and Amy is the all time alpha woman! So…who run the world? Girls!