Five Holiday Outfit Ideas to Look Comfortable and Chic

The holidays are finally here, and if you’re as excited as I am, you’re looking forward to all the food, family, and festivities. One of my favorite things about the holidays is having the opportunity to dress up for a variety of occasions.woman trying on designer dress

Whether you’re attending a family gathering, work party, or a big New Year’s celebration, dressing up is half the fun. It’s your opportunity to wear something you might not wear throughout the year. So, take this as your chance to experiment with your style.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to wear for all those holiday parties you have coming up, keep reading. Below are five holiday outfit ideas to look comfortable and chic this season.

Statement sequin

One of the many things I love about the holidays is having the creative freedom to wear whatever you’re in the mood for. For me, the holidays remind me of lights, confetti, and vibrant colors. That’s why I approve of all the sequin pieces for a chic holiday outfit. It’s a popular trend year after year, so you’re sure to find it at your favorite retailer or thrift store.

Colorful coat

You know the holidays are near when the temperature finally starts to drop, and you need to dig out your favorite coat from the attic. What we don’t realize is that sometimes, that coat is enough to make a statement. Make your colorful coat the center of attention this season and stay warm and cozy while making a statement.

Vibrant velvet

As an Arizona native, I can’t get away with wearing velvet throughout the year, but the holidays are a great exception. This year, I plan on wearing a green velvet jumpsuit for my family Christmas Eve party. It’s a casual, yet chic approach to the season’s color. Keep in mind that you can add velvet in different areas, like a skirt, jacket, or dress, too!

Luxurious leather

Leather is another one of those trends that are hard to get away with during the hot summer months. However, the holidays are a great season to experiment with and get out of our style comfort zones. Whether you’re leaning towards a leather jacket, skirt, or leggings, remember to balance the look with simpler and lighter items as well.

Perfect power suit

One of my favorite trends of the season is the pantsuit (also known as the power suit). Power suits look great on anyone, and they’re an easy way to make a statement without trying too hard. Suits also make it easy to layer, so you’re sure to stay warm and comfortable throughout the eventful celebrations.