When Ghosting Someone Is A Good Idea

We’ve all heard of ghosting someone, the act of cutting off a relationship with someone without warning by withdrawing from all forms of communication.

No phone call, no text, nothing. The sudden and sharp manner of ghosting even hurts people, and psychologists say when someone is ghosted it triggers the same emotional pain pathways used to express and feel physical pain.

Ghosting is not a good technique, and many people who have been ghosted say it’s hurtful and alarming because you don’t know how to react, let alone feel confused because you don’t know why it happened in the first place.

Sadly, today it’s easy to ghost someone because so much of our socializing is done through a computer screen or on the phone.

Without the physical part in play, all someone has to do is simply stop responding to phone calls and texts.

And although many psychologists recommended not using the ghosting technique to end a relationship, there are a few circumstances when ghosting is an appropriate way to end things.

The one time someone should employ the method of ghosting to end a relationship is when the relationship has turned toxic or even abusive.

If you just met someone and your gut feeling is telling you they are a creep and to stay away, listen to your gut instincts and don’t feel bad about not responding to texts or answering phone calls.

There is a reason you are feeling that way and it’s never a feeling to ignore. Your gut knows when something doesn’t feel right, so listen to it and protect yourself.

Another reason to ghost someone is if you’ve been made to feel uncomfortable by their actions or the way they treat you. Sometimes people are just strange, and if you’re not into their method of flirting or you just feel uncomfortable around them, there is no shame in ghosting them.

And of course, should the person get physically or verbally abusive, not only should you absolutely ghost them, make sure to voice your concern to authorities, especially if you feel unsafe or threatened.

Ghosting someone might not be the nicest thing to do, but in certain circumstances it’s 100 percent the right thing to do. Never feel like you have to be nice, polite, and well mannered to cut off ties with someone who gives off a bad vibe or is just plain scary.

Your health and wellbeing is always top priority, and in these circumstances you don’t need to worry about if ghosting is mean. Because in certain times, ghosting is just necessary.