Keep Your Team Motivated and Accountable While Working from Home

Working from home has become a new reality for millions of professionals across the world. For many companies and organizations, the idea of running a business 100 percent remote seemed impossible, 2020 proved them wrong. Leading a team remotely can be intimidating and overwhelming, but if mastered, it can lead to the growth and success of the company and employees.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur counting on a team to help you run your business, or an executive leading a team in your company, keeping your virtual team motivated and accountable is essential to the success of the organization. Below are three simple ways to keep your team motivated and accountable while working from home.

Set clear expectations and goals

With all the changes 2020 has brought, we can’t expect our work environments to be the same. Setting clear goals and expectations is essential to ensuring your team has a clear vision of what their responsibilities are. If your organization’s priorities changes, it’s likely the tasks related to them did too. Take inventory of your team and their strengths to ensure you’re making the best of everyone’s skills. Details like deadlines and objectives are key to tracking the progress of each task and project.

Establish effective communication strategies

Understanding the individual needs of your team members is important when establishing effective communication strategies. Take the time to learn the best ways to communicate with your team both as individuals and as a whole. While Zoom and group video calls might work for some employees, individual calls or chats can be more effective for others. The key here is to create communication systems that work for your entire group.

Try a project management app

Project management apps like Monday or Asana have skyrocketed to success over the last few years for their ability to connect teams and organizations. In these apps, team members can break down the assignments into individual tasks and include other team members to collaborate with them. Not only does this help keep the individual accountable, but it also helps leaders and managers check the progress of a project without micromanagement.

Remember that not all organizations are created equal. Finding what works for you and your team is essential to work from home success.