wedding.couple.image.Let’s talk about monogamy! Is it realistic to expect someone to be committed to you and just you for the rest of your life? What does it mean to be monogamous anyway? To have sex with no one but your partner, right?

Girls have been brought up to think that they will catch the eyes of their knight and shinning armor and neither will ever look at another as long as they both shall live. I believe it’s called, “one true love.” The thing is, love isn’t usually as romantic as what the movies show it to be.

It’s time to be honest…monogamy is hard and can be very complicated. Being monogamous can mean something different to everyone, just like cheating. Is someone monogamous in their relationship if they are flirting with another person? In some relationships, someone isn’t cheating until they physically act on it. You can look but don’t touch, right? Thanks to social media, the line between whether a person is cheating is incredibly foggy. Applications like Snapchat and Instagram allow for plenty of looking without physically touching.

“The conversation we need to be having is not is monogamy good or bad- it’s how much importance you’re going to place on perfectly executed monogamous behavior over the course of five decades of marriage,” stated writer/activist Dan Savage. In order to do this, couples need to define just what it means to be monogamous. Should it be focused around simply not have physical contact with someone who you aren’t in a relationship with?

How hard can it be to not have sex with anyone but your partner? According to Fox News Magazine, about 17 percent of marriages end because of cheating and about 70 percent of married men have admitted to cheating on their wives. If 70 percent of men have actually cheated, how many do you think have thought about cheating in their monogamous relationships?