american-electionAmericans are done with this election and ready for it to end.

It’s been over 19 months since the first candidate, Ted Cruz, announced he was running for president.

Nineteen months of ads, campaigning, and just overall torture.

In a poll conducted by Huffington Post, 81 percent voted they are ready for this election to be over.

The YouGov poll surveyed 1,000 U.S. adults between October 23-24. Various questions about this election season were asked.

One question asked how stressful people found this election. The answers ‘Very stressful’ and ‘Somewhat stressful’ both scored the highest at 34 percent.

America has had a long standing with drawn out election seasons. This is mainly due to the fact that we have primary elections, according to Vox.

By allowing the public to choose the presidential candidates, and states electing to hold primaries, campaigning seems to start earlier.

But no matter when primaries are held, the simple fact that the U.S. doesn’t have a law on how long a campaign period can go on for is probably the main reason we have been suffering for 19 long months.

In France campaigning can last no more than two weeks, according to NPR. Argentina has caps on when ads can begin to run and when campaigning can start.

And with no caps on how much a candidate can spend along their campaign trail, the theatrics, ads and craziness only get heightened as the last two standing bring out the big guns to finish strong.

But perhaps allowing all this to go on for almost two years only exhausts Americans. At some point people begin to tune out the 24/7 coverage and re-assume daily life.presidential-1311753_960_720

In fact 59 percent of people surveyed in the Huffington Post poll said they’ve heard too much discussion about the presidential election.

The silver lining in all this chaos? November 8 is only six days away, and considering Americans have been listening to all the crazy for 590 days, a few more won’t kill us.