woman-crying-sad-featureJudging-it’s something we all do.

We judge our friends, strangers, family, and even ourselves. What exactly do we judge? Anything and everything! Clothing, hairstyles, personality, education, career, personal interests and of course, weight! Looks are a very hot topic and in order to look good you have to weigh a certain amount.

Weight is what it’s all about. Everyone is either trying to maintain their current weight or lose it. Society has helped people categorize themselves into two different groups. You’re either skinny or you’re fat, there doesn’t seem to be any in between.

It’s as if there’s a fear of being fat. No one wants to gain a pound and if they do they feel as if they can’t wear the same clothes they used to or wear things like high heels. Our society portrays being fat as something we need to avoid and this results in fat shaming. Thinking that it would be the end of the world to be bigger is a part of fat shaming! I know I am guilty of this, I know a lot of us are; we are all a part of the problem!

There’s nothing wrong with being healthy but it seems like a lot of us would do anything in our power to make sure we remain our slimmest. Why? Maybe because we know how society portrays people who are bigger and we don’t want to be made fun of or thought of as less attractive.

For some reason it’s as if being overweight gives people the right to mock you! Playboy Playmate, Dani Mathers, recently used social media to fat shame a woman she didn’t even know. A naked woman was changing in a gym locker room when Mathers decided to take a picture of her without her knowledge. Mathers then sent that picture to her many snapchat followers with the caption, “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.”cyber-bullying-children-feature

The fact that fat shaming has gone viral is completely ridiculous. Not only did she make fun of another women’s body type, she took a photo of a naked women and sent it out to the world. Is that okay? Changing in a locker room in front of other women is something I do almost every day. It’s supposed to be a safe place; not one where people can take pictures and laugh at you. I can’t even imagine what would possess someone to take a picture like that in the first place. Is there no such thing as privacy?

This event is a perfect example of how bigger women are thought to have less rights than thinner women. It was all too easy for Dani Mathers to take this picture and it was all too easy for her to apologize for it. Now in a week or two this event will be brushed aside and forgotten because the media doesn’t shine a bright enough light on how cruel fat shamming really is.