Author: Amber Kahwaji

Does Love At First Sight Exist?

“It was love at first sight!” your best friend exclaimed as she told you the story of how she met her new beau. Oh yes, love at first sight. We’ve all heard of it before, but does it really exist? Can we really fall into love with someone upon the very first glance of them? Some insist yes, love at first sight is real because they claim to have experienced it. Others say no, it cannot be real because you do not know the person yet, and what you are actually feeling is just a strong physical attraction. This...

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Does UV Light From Gel Manicures Cause Skin Cancer?

I LOVE gel manicures. In fact, I was half overjoyed and half perturbed when I first learned about the game-changing nail polish years ago. Why? Because for years I kept asking my manicurist if she could put acrylic on top of my nail polish to make it last more than two days. Little did I know this amazing thing called gel nails was about to be the new standard in every nail salon, and I was one of millions looking for a solution to making my manicure last longer without having to get acrylic nails. So, aside from not...

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‘Acne Positivity’ Movement Reminds Us We all Struggle With Breakouts

How often do you find yourself scrolling through Instagram envying all the super perfect influencers and models’ photos? Pictures of clear, beautiful skin take center stage as they show off their amazing new designer purse or the island they are on soaking up the sun. We silently think to ourselves, “They look so perfect. I wish I looked like that,” and slowly we begin to pick away at every “flaw” we notice in the mirror. But now, a new trend started that is reminding people not everyone is perfect, and we all have insecurities we struggle with. A lot...

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Weaning Your Child Away From Electronic Overload

  How many times have you handed your child an electronic device to keep them occupied? We are all guilty of using these gadgets to help us “babysit” our kids when we need to get something done. In a report released by Common Sense Media, children ages 8 and younger reported to spend an average of nearly three hours on a device, while those between 8 and 12 years old spent almost five hours a day on a device. For the younger kids, much of that time was spent watching TV or videos, where kids entering their teenage years...

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Sleep Myths Busted

I find that nine times out of ten I wake up tired. Even after I’ve had, what should be, a full and restful night’s sleep. I slept for eight hours, turned my phone on silent, and made sure I was comfortable and undisturbed by anything. Yet alas, here I am struggling to wake up and get going. Why am I having a hard time feeling rested even though I am following all the sleep rules set by sleep experts? Well, little did I know these rules were meant to be broken because not all of the sleep rules apply...

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‘Give Back Box’ Helping Make Donations Easier Than Ever Before

Spring is here, and with that comes spring cleaning. I bet out of all the spaces in your house the closet needs some TLC right away, am I right? And how great does it feel when you have finally cleaned out your closet and purged it of all the items you no longer have use for anymore? Like a million pounds has been lifted, until you realize you have a ton of stuff to haul to a donation center. Enter Give Back Box, the quick an easy way to donate your unwanted items straight from home. All you have...

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