Author: Amber Kahwaji

Millennial Women Earn Less Than Previous Generations

Sad news for millennial women out there, it looks like they are earning less money than their mothers and grandmothers did. In a study conducted by the Population Reference Bureau, researchers measured 14 indicators in social, economical, and health related categories. Those categories include the gender wage gap, education, poverty, and maternal mortality. After compiling the data the study concluded the well-being of women from the Baby Boomer generation increased from the WWII generation by 66 percent. The Generation Xers increased from the Baby Boomers 1 percent, but the Millennials scored 1 percent lower than Gen Xers, according to...

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Amazon To Offer Prime Wardrobe

Amazon seems to be corning the market on all sorts of goods these days. After announcing they will be buying Whole Foods for a whopping $13.7 billion in cash, yes…cash, in order to offer customers the option of purchasing their meals online, the massive retailer has yet another trick up their sleeve. It’s called Prime Wardrobe, and it’s the latest in convenient clothes shopping for the generations who love two day shipping. Today, 79 percent of Americans are online shopping, and nearly 15 percent are using online shopping on a weekly basis, according to a study conducted by Pew...

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Tempe Rescue Shelter Closing, Needs Help Finding Homes For Remaining Animals

The Ohana Animal Rescue, located at Rio Salado Parkway and McClintock Drive, announced it’s closing its doors for good on June 30. The closure comes after the rescue organization was consistently running in the red, according to their Facebook post, and could no longer afford to keep the organization afloat. Some 40 dogs and cats are still being housed at the rescue center and are in desperate need of finding forever homes before they must vacate the building at the end of the month, according to ABC15. Ohana Animal Rescue is currently keeping daily operations running, like feeding and...

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Warnings Of Swimming Pool Parasite Spreads Across Arizona

Swimming pools are found in abundance across the state of Arizona. A staple activity of triple-digit summer temps, public pools are a favorite pastime for those looking to cool off from the excessive heat. But the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is warning Arizona residents and visitors of a pesky parasite infecting pool water across the Valley. Cryptosporidium is a microscopic parasite that spreads in swimming pools when an infected person contaminates the water with fecal matter, according to CNN. The parasite can live up to 10 days in chlorinated pools, and causes watery diarrhea to those who...

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Great Things To Do This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 19, and many people may fear heading outside due to the scorching temperatures. But have no fear, there are plenty of fun things to do across the Valley that will surely make any father feel special this weekend. Biltmore Brunch If the moms around town are interested in taking the man of the house out for a special brunch, then check out Frank and Albert’s at Arizona Biltmore. Complete with a full dining menu, dad’s will find something to fit every appetite. Cheesy Tie Weekend Does your dad love a good laugh? The...

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Float Away In A Sensory Deprivation Tank

Ever feel the need to get away from it all? Turn off the cell phone, put on the automatic email response, and just shut out the noise. Well, with the help of a sensory deprivation tank, that’s exactly what you get to do. Invented by John C. Lilly in 1954, the purpose of the tank was to help relieve the brain from external stimulation, according to Ultra Culture. The tank holds roughly 250 gallons of water and 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt, rendering you completely weightless in the tank. The tank looks like a pod, and the top half...

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