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Maybelline Chooses A Woman Of Color For First Ever Beauty Influencer Collaboration

Maybelline, perhaps one of the most well known drugstore makeup brands, is teaming up with beauty influencer, Makeup Shayla. The first-ever collaboration is not only revolutionary for the makeup brand, but for women who are self-made in their industry. Shayla Mitchell rose to Internet fame with her makeup tutorials after she decided to freelance to help make extra money. Her videos first depicted how she would apply her clients’ makeup, but after posting a few videos of herself doing her own makeup, Mitchell noticed people were more interested in her self tutorials than they were of her doing makeup...

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Gym Owner Inspires Women To Take Charge Of Their Health

The gym. For some women it’s the best place on earth, for others it’s their worst nightmare. But for moms, the gym can be a wonderful, magical place they have heard of but have no time in their busy day to venture into. And for Danielle King the gym was exactly that, a mythical place she didn’t have the time to visit. As a Navy wife King and her family moved around the country a lot. In the process of relocating whenever the Navy called for it, King noticed she began to put herself and her well-being last in...

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Plague Hits Northern Arizona

Remember the bubonic plague, the one infamous during the Middle Ages? Well, fleas in cities in northern Arizona have tested positive for carrying the disease, according to Newsweek. Health officials in the Navajo and Coconino counties issued a warning that fleas have tested positive for Yersinia pestis, the bacteria that causes the bubonic plague. The plague can be spread in various ways including a flea bite, handling fluids or tissue of an animal or rodent that was infected, or the transfer of bodily fluids. The Navajo County Health Department issued a statement urging people to be cautious of rodents and...

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Why Millennials Are Not Buying Homes

Real estate shows it’s currently a buyers market, but who is buying up all the homes? Not millennials, according to The Washington Post. In fact, out of any age group to be homeowners, millennials are consistently at the bottom when it comes to demographics and homeownership. In 2016, those 35-years-old and younger only made up just over 31 percent of total homeowners in the US, according to The Washington Post. And the reason for the lowest percent in five decades boils down to one primary issue, money. Millennials earn 20 percent less than any generation before them, and millennial...

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Why We Look To Celebrities For Relationship Goals

The Internet came to a screeching halt this week when a celeb couple favorite announced their separation. Chris Platt and Anna Faris are calling it quits. The buzz around what happened turned into a mourning period for fans. The couple that looked so happy, and was every fan’s model of relationship goals, was breaking up. But why do we look to celeb relationships as our inspiration for what we hope our relationships can be one day? Simply put, to us, celebs seem to live in a fairy tale and it’s a fantasy world we all wish we could be...

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Device Keeps Hackers From Listening Through Phone Microphones

It’s not just your computer’s webcam you have to worry about anymore, now hackers are tapping into microphones on various electronics. But a piece of paper over the microphone won’t give the same security as it does when placing it over a camera. That’s why this company created a little device that mutes microphones, eliminating the possibility for hackers to tap into them and listen in on your conversations. The device is called the “Nope Sound Blocker,” and was created by Bungajungle, a company that creates innovative gadgets for all your electronic needs. The sound blocker plugs into any...

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