Author: Cathy Droz

Super Model – The 2016 Lexus RX

The New York auto show, as always, gives the public a sneak peek in to the future of the automotive models and brands for the following year and beyond.  Some designs are outrageous and never seen again while others are borderline boring. However, the normally conservative, no surprises here, Lexus stunned the crowd this year with the all- new 2016 Lexus RX.  This redefined luxury sport utility vehicle (SUV), which I graciously compare to a 1980’s supermodel, gets better with age, with enough changes to her interior and exterior to remain relevant, sophisticated and chic. As the best selling...

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2015 Lexus NX Achieves Super Hero Status

Have you noticed lately that we seem to be inundated with Superheroes? They seem to come from every angle including comics, movies and television. Have you ever been to Comic-Con? They generate millions of dollars for movie producers, toy makers and event planners.  More importantly, they give each generation of youngsters and the adult “kid” a hero they can fantasize about. I’m a Captain America fan. Captain America originated in 1941 with Marvel comics but it seems that every several years our superheroes are “re-invented” with up-to-date powers, and updated arch villains. I look to the Lexus brand as...

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Lexus Gone Wild for Spring Break with the 2015 RX 350

Did you know that the Lexus RX 350 crossover is one of the best-selling Lexus models in the United States? Americans purchased more than 100,000 Lexus RX 350s last year with most of those purchased by women. The Lexus RX 350 is in my opinion one of the most reasonably priced yet one of the most luxurious crossovers on the market. With only slight changes each new model year, it never loses its appeal, versatility and obviously its sales performance. I personally like the new spindle grille, but some loyal Lexus owners are on the fence about the change....

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Tour The Big Easy in Lexus Style

Have you ever tried to look away from a stunning-looking man, woman, couple or child, but you just couldn’t keep your eyes off of them? It seemed like my trip to New Orleans had that effect on me wherever I went! This phenomenon first happened as I was arriving at the Windsor Court Hotel on Gravier Street for the Lexus RC and RCF media launch. I no sooner entered the Lexus reception room, when I was told in a nonchalant way… “Oh, you just missed Sir Paul McCartney…” How flippant can one be about him walking by our small...

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Who Loves BBQ? 2014 PROMASTER Commercial Vehicles by RAM

A 2014 PROMASTER by RAM makes an excellent choice for your business. Starting your own business can be fun, exciting and liberating.  Starting a business, depending on the nature of your passion, can also involve many extra expenses.  Usually it involves supplies, insurance, employee salaries and many times one or two commercial vehicles. My girlfriend Silvianne, and her husband Hans, are quitting their very lucrative jobs and purchasing two BBQ restaurant franchises.  Besides the cost of such an investment, they will need commercial vans for the catering end of the restaurants. Silvianne called me to see if I had...

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The 2015 Lexus NX – Not So “Sleepless in Seattle”

Review of the coming 2015 Lexus NX. Who can forget the movie “Sleepless in Seattle” which takes place in what appears to be a very slow moving cosmopolitan city (Seattle) where house boats look like the romantic norm and sunny days are rare and precious?  Well, that is not what I witnessed when I test drove the new 2015 Lexus NX in both the NX 200t and the NX 300h (hybrid) variations. I never saw a houseboat and the weather was fantastic and a sunny 80 degrees. So as I say… “not so Sleepless in Seattle.” The city of...

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