Better Call Saul

Breaking Bad fans have been waiting for this spin-off series before the show even ended.  Come February 2015 viewers will be reunited with their favorite criminal attorney on AMC.

Marvel’s Agent Carter

Who wouldn’t fall for a guy like Captain America? Agent Peggy Carter did in the Captain America movie. After Steve Rogers disappeared, Carter is recruited by SHIELD (check out the ABC show here) and used as an agent to conquer Hydra and other enemies of the organization.


For fans of the recent influx of superhero-based media, Daredevil will be your show of choice come 2015. Airing on Netflix in 2015, it arrives with an all star cast featuring Charlie Cox and Rosario Dawson.

Will Forte in Last Man on Earth

Will Forte in Last Man on Earth

Astronaut Wives Club
Based on the best-selling novel by Lily Koppel, Astronaut Wives Club follows the semi-true story of the women who waited for their spouses during the time of the space race. In addition to the promising plotlines, the fashion should be something to look forward to as well. Astronaut Wives Club is set to air in 2015 on ABC as well.

The Last Man on Earth

Fox’s upcoming show stars Will Forte in his sci-fi comedy creation is something to look forward to. The show’s premise centers on Will Forte as the last known man on Earth and his struggles coping with this realization. Look for the pilot early 2015.