Why Your Brain Needs A Technology Break

Technology is a staple in life. We use it for everything and depend on it heavily when it comes to our jobs, our social lives and even our personal relationships.

But with all the scrolling and mindless staring at various screens our poor brains get tired and burnt out, not to mention the stress put on our eyes.

That’s why it’s important to take time away from technology and unplug. Your brain needs a break!

What, exactly, does it mean to unplug your brain? For starters, when you unplug yourself you are turning all electronic devices off. That means no more cell phone, computer or tablet for the day or even the weekend!

Of course most of us depend on our cell phones as the main way to get in touch with people, especially in an emergency, so it makes sense if you want to turn that back on after a few hours away.

The important thing during an unplug session is to keep the devices at bay and find something else to do. Read a book, take a walk around your neighborhood or go meet a friend for coffee.

Better yet, get bored! Sit down and just think and let your mind wander. It when you give your brain a break that it becomes the most relaxed and creative.

And once those creative juices start flowing you might surprise yourself at all the amazing ideas that start popping into your head. Draw, paint, color, write, do whatever you love to do but haven’t spent time doing in a while.

The reason why your brain needs a technology break is because we spent so much time using our devices that it can overwhelm and stress out the frontal lobe, the part of the brain that makes decisions, solves problems, and controls our memory and social behaviors.

When we tire out our brain we become less productive, irritable, and have a hard time making decisions and completing tasks. And, our brains were not meant to multitask the way we do today.

Sending emails while replying to texts while typing reports, it all overwhelms the brain and tires it out, not to mention the constant strain on the eyes when looking at screens for eight hours a day.

Whew! It’s a lot, right? So unplug and relax. Spend a day without any electronic devices and allow your brain to recharge.