Why Boredom Is Healthy

There once was a time when children were forced to use their imagination and figure out ways to entertain themselves. Even adults had to find new and creative ways to tackle feeling cooped up or lazy.

It’s called boredom, and it’s a feeling that many are now fulfilling with technical distractions like iPads and their smartphones. But how smart is it to turn to an electronic device versus just simply giving in and allowing oneself to feel bored?

Feeling bored, especially for children, is actually a healthy feeling one should learn to understand. When children complain they are bored, it is crucial they learn how to sit with their self and feel the boredom.

It is then will children learn to be comfortable with themselves, and most importantly, learn how to think, create, use their imagination, problem solve and find other ways to stimulate themselves.

Boredom is the first step in trying something new or getting lost in thought. It is by feeling bored that we learn to find ways to keep ourselves occupied, thus teaching ourselves how to think outside the box and absorb what’s going on around us.

Even as adults, learning to be bored is an essential tool for growth and creativity. Not only does boredom help fight off a tech addiction (yes, you can spend too much time on your phone) it also helps jog the mind to think of creative and innovative ideas.

Giving the mind a break from constant stimulation is not only healthy, it also opens the doorway for daydreaming and thought provoking.

It can help you discover new hobbies or interests, and it can even help you unwind and de-stress from all the madness in everyday life.

By just doing nothing and giving into the boredom, you allow your mind a much-needed break and give it permission to wonder and explore.

So the next time you or your child utters the words, “I’m bored,” allow the boredom to take over and get lost in it. Who knows what might come to mind?