Marcia Fine: Educating Through Storytelling

Some people create change through acts of services, and then some people use their gifts. Writer, Marcia Fine is using her voice to not only educate her readers, but to also motivate them through her story telling. Fine shared, “My goal is to continue learning and sharing motivational family stories, especially with new scientific information about genetic memory and the stain trauma leaves behind for us.”

In speaking with Fine, she stressed the importance of having text that doesn’t simply just share a story, but truly captures it and educates her audience along the way. Fines new book Hidden Ones-A Veil of Memories takes her readers on a emotionally empowering journey, as we’re introduced to a piece of history that’s been overlooked. She shared, “It’s a forgotten piece of history. If people are aware of the inquisition within Mexico, it starts in Mexico City and ends in the Southwest Territory. Once they read the book, I want them to have knowledge about the people who were persecuted during the inquisition, and the culture that was destroyed by it; they left behind a beautiful culture.”

Hidden Ones, as Fine’s shared is, “all about female energy”. As we’re taken on a journey with a matriarch and granddaughter, we are also being introduced to the impact that trauma can have on a family. The journey not only shares the struggle of their circumstances, but also teaches us about acceptance and tolerance.

With this being another successful book, winning two first prize awards in Bookvana for historical and multicultural fiction, Fines shared, “It’s not just about me writing my seventh book. It’s about looking for identity, and people finding their identity.”

Being able to share a story is easy, but being able to educate and motivate people by what you share is what’s truly important. Fine’s uses her writing as a tool to help teach, and inspire her readers. Her platform promotes education, awareness, empowerment, and much more. If you’d like to connect with Marcia Fine visit her website, and make sure to catch her on her upcoming book tour.