Three Reasons Your Startup Makes You a Great Candidate for the Job

When I quit my corporate job in 2018 to become an entrepreneur, I never imagined that, a few years later, I would find myself back in the workforce as an employee. Making the transition was scary, but I quickly realized that launching my own business put me at an advantage over other candidates.

Although I had stepped away from corporate America for a few years, I was just as valuable, if not more, than my peers who had continued on their professional journey. If you’re an entrepreneur who is planning to transition back to an employee, keep reading. Below are three reasons why your startup makes you a great candidate for the job.

You’re up for a challenge

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, you’re a risk-taker. As entrepreneurs, we’re often diving into ideas or adventures that we know very little about. No matter how intimidating or uncertain the project may seem, as an entrepreneur, you look for the opportunities in these ideas and often run with them. That’s a great asset any employer would be lucky to have.

You’re resourceful

Launching a startup requires scrappiness. Unless you inherited millions of dollars from your family, which I highly doubt, or else you probably wouldn’t be on a job hunt, you likely had to be very mindful with your spending. Using what you have and doing without the things you don’t have is a great quality. It demonstrates that you’re able to work with what you’re given and more likely than not, you’ll excel at making it happen.

You’re an innovation driver

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘entrepreneurial mindset’? It’s a trait we entrepreneurs have where we look at things outside the box. Where there is a problem, we often see a solution, and that solution is likely very creative and innovative. For us, how things were done before doesn’t matter as much as visualizing how things can be done in the future. A unique trait employers are looking for when growing their team.

I know transitioning back into the workforce after experiencing entrepreneurship can be tough. However, it’s also a rewarding experience that, when done right, can play a critical role in your career journey. Wherever it is you want to do next, don’t forget to take your confidence with you.

Good luck!