Five Cash Back Apps to Earn Money Every Time You Shop

Inflation and rising prices have limited the purchasing power of millions of consumers across the country. In a matter of months, shoppers have witnessed how increased costs impact their budget and financial security. While consumers have no control over inflation, they have full jurisdiction over how and where they spend their money.

Sales and coupons aren’t the only way to stretch your dollars. Below are five cash back apps that will help you earn money every time you shop.


As a frugal shopper, I learned about Honey a few years ago while searching for coupon codes to apply to my online purchase. I was skeptical that a browser extension could search for and apply coupons directly to my order, but Honey did that and more.

Not only does Honey search for applicable coupons, but it also offers rewards when applicable.

Capital One Shopping

When it comes to cash back-apps, no two tools are created equal. Different apps offer different perks, so I often compare them before I complete an online purchase. A few months ago, I earned a $48 reward from a $160 Food Locker purchase by using Capital One Shopping. That’s 30% cash back!


When it comes to competitive rewards and referrals, the Rakuten app and browser extension is hard to beat. Users can receive up to $40 per referral, and up to 90% cash back rewards on specific purchases.


Food and gas have seen some of the highest price increases, which is why I love using Upside. Upside is a mobile app that helps you earn cash back every time you pump gas. Their user-friendly app makes it easy to find the gas stations with the lowest prices and highest cash back rewards in your area. You can also find grocers and restaurants with cash back offers.

Fetch Rewards

Speaking of user-friendly apps, Fetch Rewards is another option to earn rewards every time you shop. Every receipt scanned helps you earn points that you can later cash in for gift cards to your favorite retailers. Shop spotlighted brands and earn more points when you scan your receipt.

While these cash-back apps and browser extensions won’t ease inflation, they’ll help you make the best out of each purchase. Which app will you try first?