Five Lessons We Should All Learn When COVID-19 is Over

Like everyone else around the world, I’m anxiously waiting for COVID-19 to be over. I want a cure, a solution, and a plan to move forward in life. As an entrepreneur, I’m constantly trying to learn from my failures. Each failure is a lesson in disguise, and this is how I’m choosing to view this pandemic.

As I look into the future, I want to make sure I walk out of this pandemic more enlightened person. There are countless things we can learn from this experience. Below are five lessons we should all learn when COVID-19 is over.

Always practice gratitude

It can be hard to remain calm and grounded when it seems like life is crumbling around you. It can seem easier to concentrate on the bad rather than focus on the good. However, that will only send you on a downward spiral. Through these unprecedented times and beyond, I hope everyone chooses to focus on gratitude.

For the last two years, practicing gratitude has been one of my most consistent habits. Whether I write it in my journal or meditate on it in silence, gratitude has allowed me to stay grounded and thankful through the highs and lows of my life. No matter how bad things get, there’s always something to be grateful for. Choose to see the good in things and watch how your point of view changes.

Don’t take things for granted

We’re all guilty of taking things for granted. Whether it’s public education or stocked shelves at the grocery store. We’ve become accustomed to a life of abundance. During this troubling time, it’s important to sit down and think about all the things we haven’t been able to do because of the pandemic.

Visiting family members, going to the movies, and exploring amusement parks have all been stripped from us. While I’m sure things will go back to normal, I hope we never again take even the smallest things for granted.

We all need an emergency fund

According to a report from Prosperity Now, millions of Americans are one missed paycheck away from poverty. This means that being fired, laid off, or furloughed can completely devastate millions of American households. One of the best ways to avoid this is by starting an emergency fund.

An emergency fund is an account with money set aside in case of emergencies. This can be anything from unforeseen medical expenses to unemployment. It’s never too late to create one. Check out this recent article on taking the first steps to create an emergency fund.

Hygiene and health go hand in hand

It blows my mind that it took a pandemic and worldwide crisis to have everyone recognize the importance of hygiene practices. Whether it’s COVID-19, the annual flu, or just a casual summer day, we should all be washing our hands constantly.

We should also remember to avoid touching our faces as much as possible. I have to say, this has been the hardest for me because I have a horrible habit of touching my face. Not only is it bad for your skin, but it’s horrible for your health. I hope we all carry this lesson on throughout our lives even when this pandemic is over.

You should never get too comfortable

The Coronavirus completely changed the world as we knew it. Between empty market shelves, closed schools, and shelter in place, there seems to be no sense of normality left. If there’s one major lesson anyone should take from this pandemic is too never get too comfortable. Now, I don’t mean you should constantly live in fear and paranoia. However, I do mean you should have backup plans for your back up plans.

Whether that means you have side hustles to fall back on in case of layoffs or an emergency fund to rely on in case of a big expense. You should never have all your eggs in one basket. This is a great time to think about different ways of diversifying your income.