Thanksgiving Leftovers That Are Not Safe To Feed Your Dog

Thanksgiving means tons of food and doggy-bags at the end of the day, but there are a few table scraps that should never make into your dog’s bowl, according to Fox News.

We all want to have our furry friends enjoy a little of the festivities with hand-outs and treats, so make you take a look at the list below before giving your dog any leftovers from the table.


I know, right off the bat we are telling Fido it’s a no-go when it comes to turkey, however, this rule largely depends on what is on the turkey. If the turkey meat is cooked and plain then Fido can have a bite. But if the turkey is covered in gravy, garlic, or any other seasonings it’s best so keep it for the humans only.


Ham is a meat that is high in fat and is not a healthy snack for your pets, especially those who are on a weight-controlled diet. For some pets, ham can be too rich for the stomach to handle and can lead to vomiting and diarrhea. Not a fun combo to deal with on Thanksgiving day.


It’s everyone’s favorite but stuffing can’t be shared with Fido. The yummy mixture contains a lot of seasonings and vegetables that can cause an upset stomach. Onions, mushrooms and seasoning powder are some of the worst foods to give a dog, and is even more dangerous for cats.

Sweet potatoes

Like turkey meat, it all depends on how the sweet potato is cooked and what is garnishing the dish. If there is a ton of seasoning and melted marshmallows on top then Fido can’t enjoy the treat. But if the potatoes are fully cooked and plain, they are good to feed your furry friend.

Pumpkin pie

It’s another staple food on Thanksgiving but no pie should be served to Fido. Plain canned pumpkin is ok to feed them in the off-chance they show interest and want to try it.

Other items that are no-no’s are nuts, salty foods like pretzels and popcorn, and chocolate.