men.women.hate.feature.Why does it always seem like women are the insecure ones? The one’s who are constantly worrying about what men think about them. Worrying about how they look when they go on dates. Hoping that their outfits will impress the man of their dreams and that they won’t say anything that could be a possible “turn off.”

Take a look at the show, “The Bachelor.” 20-something girls are all trying to impress one man through the use of their looks, conversational skills, oh, and personality. I love the show but let’s be real…it’s absolutely crazy! Why does it seem like we are always the ones trying to impress? Going out of our way to lose weight, wearing nice clothes, looking good, and sounding good so that guys like us… Wait, here’s a question. Do we even like them? We try to mold ourselves into what we think men like, but do they do the same for us?

Women, let’s stop being insecure and driving ourselves insane trying to become an idea of a woman instead of an actual one. Let’s flip the script for a minute and share a few things women CAN’T STAND about menwoman.angry.feature.

  1. Pick up lines…News Flash! They’re cheesy.
  2. Inability to take the blame…Sometimes it’s my fault but sometimes it’s your fault too.
  3. Selective hearing…Don’t lie! I know you heard what I said.
  4. Lack of an opinion…There is nothing more annoying than hearing, whatever you say.
  5. The “no text back” game…It is 2016. I know you are on your phone!
  6. Unable to handle their liquor…No comment.
  7. Arrogance…There is nothing wrong with confidence, but arrogance is tacky and annoying. Let someone else tell you that you’re “God’s gift to the universe” before you go around stating it as a fact.
  8. Being cheap…I understand that not everyone is Bill Gates. You may have a budget but please don’t roll your eyes or question something’s cost throughout your entire date. There are plenty of affordable and fun dates you could plan that won’t break the bank.
  9. Poor hygiene… Spitting, burping, farting…foul! Things happen, I know. Just try to consciously be as clean as possible. Your woman will appreciate it.
  10. Mr. Know It All…You know nothing!