Author: Sierra Ochoa

Honoring Frida Kahlo’s Legacy

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist who painted hundreds of surrealist pictures and portraits. Currently a few of her paintings are on display at the Heard Museum in downtown Phoenix. If you have not been already, the room is filled with works by Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera, also a painter specializing in murals. There are famous paintings that viewers are bound to recognize next to early sketches and drawings Kahlo made in her youth. The exhibit also includes replicas of outfits she would have worn along with photographs of her life and relationship with Rivera. Although Kahlo’s...

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Microbeads are Damaging to Environment, Your Skin

Every girl knows that the key to a glowing complexion is a flawless skin care routine. Cleanse, tone, exfoliate, treat, moisturize- all the basic steps to maintaining beautiful skin. Depending on your routine, exfoliating is a vital step, but without the right products it can be detrimental to physical health and to the health of the environment. Exfoliating sounds nice in theory: gently scrubbing dead skin cells off your face to reveal healthy rejuvenated skin.  It can be damaging though if you do it too often and with the wrong products. Most of this damage can stem from exfoliating...

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Beginner’s Guide to Sephora: Face Masks

Sephora can be either a wonderland of luxury or an anxiety-inducing excursion for women. There are so many different products that do similar things it can be difficult to know which direction to turn. Have you ever needed a mascara but all the associates were busy doing makeovers on clients? Does the thought of skin care send you into a confused frenzy? Fear the black and white stripes no more! This series of articles will give you a basic crash course on what to choose when you are in Sephora overload mode. This summer it is all about taking...

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Meal Prep Companies Offer Clean Eating, Convenience

The health nut in me wants to do yoga and then meal prep for the next week. The lazy girl inside of me wants to watch Hulu for 24 hours and eat Taco Bell. To counter my binge-watch induced apathy while still maintaining a semblance of a healthy lifestyle, I have discovered my ultimate savior: meal prep companies. From fitness junkies to on-the-go moms and even lazy girls like me, meal prep companies have us in the palms of their hands. Who has the time to blacken enough salmon for five days? Who wants to clean the grill after...

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Hollywood Body Transformations: Sexism in the Media

Chris Pratt will always be Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation in many peoples’ (including my own) eyes. After I saw Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World, I realized that he shot up from Silly Cute Guy into a Beefcake Extraordinaire. I was impressed as were many women, men, and media outlets at the time. There were headlines everywhere congratulating him and his new rock-solid bod. Jake Gyllenhaal is also apparently a fan of altering his body for a role. In Nightcrawler people were fascinated over his dramatic weight loss for his sociopath character. Now, he has put...

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In Defense of Being the Breadwinner

The times are changing. It’s a cliché, yet undeniably true. I’ve found that being a hardworking woman has its downsides. I am seemingly always short on time, money, and attention. This can present some difficulty when dating, especially since I am only in my 20s. I love working. I love my jobs and I love the career I am trying to break into. In a man, I have to find someone who respects me and my goals as well as understanding my lack of time and energy. The social construct of marriage and relationships has stayed relatively the same...

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