Author: Sierra Ochoa

The Slow Death of Cable Television

Last week the Emmy’s aired on cable television and although there were incredible strides in diversity, there was also buzz about streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon. The Handmaid’s Tale, a Hulu original adaptation of the dystopian Margaret Atwood novel, walked away with 8 awards. Elizabeth Moss, who broke out into the mainstream with her performance as Peggy in Mad Men, won for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama series. This is the only time she’s won despite being nominated for Mad Men around seven times. Robin Wright was nominated five times for her work on House...

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Keeping Busy to Keep Calm

When you work three jobs, it is hard to find a lot of time for yourself. There is always something that needs to be completed, finished, started, and emails to be checked. It may seem overwhelming to some, after all, having Mondays be 14-hour long work days probably is not that appealing to many people. However, for me, it is the only way I can function effectively. I fall into the “Too Much Time” trap as I like to call it. The more free time I have, the less work I will do. Who is to say why? My...

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St. Vincent’s Annie Clark to Direct “Dorian Gray” Adaptation

Indie rocker Annie Clark, also known as St. Vincent, announced she will be directing a female-led version of Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray.” This film will be Clark’s directorial debut on a full length film. The artist, although a talented musician, is known to dabble in other mediums. This will not be her first time working on a film, but it will be her first official director’s credit on a full length feature film. Clark had previously worked as a director for a horror film anthology entitled “XX” earlier this year. Her short film, “Birthday Party,” made...

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Cardi B Highest Charting Woman Rapper Since 2014

Cardi B‘s anthem “Bodak Yellow” officially tops the Billboard 100 at number 3 last week. This makes her the only female rapper to have a chart-topping single since Nicki Minaj in 2014 with her Sir-Mix-a-Lot inspired anthem “Anaconda.” As a woman of color and an artist, Cardi B is definitely capitalizing off of her success, but has claimed in the media she is not trying to usurp anyone’s throne. At the MTV Video Music Awards she was interviewed saying that she has no “beef” with anyone. “I just want to make music and make money. I don’t have time...

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Hurricane Harvey Leaves Texans Unsure of Next Steps

Karen Woodford-Johnson lives near the areas affected in Houston by Hurricane Harvey and gave SmartFem an exclusive interview about her experience there. “We’ve been lucky,” she tells me. “There is a lot of flooding around here but we’ve been lucky.” Living in the fourth largest city in the United States is not easy when the millions of people who live there are losing everything as a result of Hurricane Harvey. Woodford-Johnson gives me an overview of the scene in Texas and it seems almost like a doomsday like scenario. Between helicopters flying around constantly, resources like food and water...

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YouTube Red Offers High Price for Premium Features

If you have clicked your YouTube app lately, whether it be to watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver or just to see the new Taylor Swift music video, you were probably asked if you want to download YouTube Red. YouTube Red is the video lover’s Apple Music, or the TV aficionado’s Hulu. YouTube Red promises ad-free videos, playback even when the app is not open and a few other key perks. It sounds like a no-brainer for those video game play-through junkies or makeup tutorial addicts. However, the problem lies in the price. YouTube Red is asking $12.99...

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