Author: Sierra Ochoa

Spring Clean Your Life: Get Rid of Toxic Relationships

The weather in most parts of Arizona is idyllic right now in this Spring of 2018. Arizonans know that this means it is time to get outdoors, go out at night, plan hikes, attend events, and explore the state we love. Spring can be a lovely time in our Southwestern desert. With all of these amazing and fun things to do, who are you planning on inviting to take these adventures with you? Spring is the time for friendship, so evaluate your own friends list. Make sure all of the people you consider your friends are actually your friends!...

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Making Your Wardrobe Smaller: Intro to Minimalism

Wardrobe spring cleaning is approaching! Spring cleaning, to fashionistas, is the time of year where we rid ourselves of the fast fashion of the fall. But what if we never had to spring clean our closets again? The minimalism movement is slowly gaining popularity in the United States. It’s about to break into the mainstream. Minimalism is a lifestyle that brings everything back to basics. It reduces the human need to be excessive and results in a simpler life. Many people who dedicate themselves to minimalism take it to every aspect of their lives. From food shopping and living...

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Take a Journey Through Local Cuisine with 319 Hidden Kitchen

Last night I had the pleasure of participating in a “supper club” hosted by 319 Hidden Kitchen. Surrounded by women I’ve never met, Chef Ivan Jacobo created a place where people can “come together through food.” The concept of a dinner club or supper club was not something I was familiar with until last night. The minds behind 319 send out weekly emails detailing where the next pop up dinner will be, you confirm your reservation, and then you enjoy an exhilarating meal surrounded by people who are as excited about food as you are. After sitting down and...

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Classic, Low-Cost Valentine’s Day Dates

Valentine’s Day is, as many of us know it, a holiday reserved for buying candy we don’t eat, going to expensive dinners, and buying new clothes or lingerie for a significant other. Time reports Americans will spend an average of $19 billion on the holiday this year, with the individual spending about $150. That being said, save some extra cash this Valentine’s Day and do something romantic and cost effective. Stargaze together- Is your valentine a sucker for the classics? Drive to your local park or deserted lot where there aren’t a lot of lights and noise, unplug, and...

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3 Wardrobe Staples You Can Find at Any Thrift Shop

It can be overwhelming to shop at a resale shop if you have never done it before. There are so many racks of clothing it seems impossible to get through. Whether it’s Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange, Plato’s Closet, or even a vintage thrift store, here are 3 key pieces that you can find almost anywhere at any point in time: Sport leggings- Now that it is 2018, people are starting their year off right by working out more. Instead of dropping hundreds of dollars on name brand athletic wear, check out your local thrift shop. From lululemon to Adidas, there...

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Buying and Selling Secondhand Online

The internet is such a vast place and has so much to offer online shoppers. From Amazon to Nordstrom’s website, you can buy literally anything. Buying clothing online is one thing, but what if you are trying to shop secondhand? How can you fuel the hunger for getting packages in the mail, while still trying to do your part to reduce fashion waste? There are many online resale shops where you can send in your clothes and they will evaluate them, and you will get credit to shop on their site. There are also dozens of apps where you...

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