Find Focus and Boost Productivity with these Tried and True Methods

Finding focus in an age of endless distractions and limited time can be a challenge. We’re constantly juggling multiple assignments and many responsibilities, all while gracefully managing all the things in our personal life.

Fortunately, there’s are ways to overcome those challenges to get things done. Whether you’re trying to get more things done at work, home, or any other part of your life, finding focus and boosting productivity is possible. Below are four tried and true methods to find focus and boost productivity.

Close unnecessary tabs

Whether it’s literal open tabs in your computer, or metaphorical tabs in your mind running wild, it’s time to close a few. If you’re like me, you probably have endless tabs and windows open because you don’t want to forget to do something. Your browser should not be your to-do list. Those extra tabs in your browser and your mind and costing you focus and productivity.

Choose one task to complete

I’ve never understood the point of multitasking. The idea of jumping from one task to the other without fully completing a project sounds like a nightmare to me. Instead of bouncing around your to-do list, make a list of items you’d like to complete. Then, begin working on them one at a time. Challenge yourself to not move on to the next thing until you’ve crossed off the prior assignment.

Turn off notifications

If your workflow is constantly interrupted by notifications, it’s time to take back your power. Limit your incoming notifications to the most important things. Social media notifications aren’t as important as they seem, so if you can, turn them off and reclaim your time. You’ll soon notice that limiting those distractions can dramatically increase your

Change your environment

When you’ve implemented all the tips above and still can’t seem to find focus, it might be time to change your environment. You’d be surprised how effective a change of scenery can make on your productivity. If you work from home, try rearranging your furniture placement for a different look and feel. If you work from an office, make small changes that can make you feel like you’re in a completely new place.