Four Reasons Why Solopreneurs Need a Network to Succeed

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, 81 percent of small businesses have no employees (2020). Some would refer to this group as “solopreneurs,” entrepreneurs who run their businesses independently. These fearless individuals often wear multiple hats, handling every aspect of their business.

While solopreneurship can afford the business owner time and financial freedom, it can also cause loneliness and social isolation. That’s why a strong network is crucial. Having a reliable community can help solopreneurs thrive and reach their full potential.

Just because you run your business independently doesn’t mean you have to tackle every challenge alone. Below are four reasons why solopreneurs need a network to succeed.

Attain accountability

Being your boss is all fun and games until you’re required to solidify your schedule, determine your deadlines, and secure your sales. Being responsible for your income is both freeing and frightening at the same time. Having a dependable network means encouraging each other to stay on track and meet your goals.

Create a small circle of fellow solopreneurs and schedule regular check-ins. During these meetings, voice your short-term goals and what you’ll do to achieve them. Check in on those goals during every session and watch how you and your circle begin to meet your goals.

Optimize opportunities

In business, it’s rarely about what you know and, instead, about who you know. It is especially true in entrepreneurship. Some of the best business opportunities often come from your close circle of friends and acquaintances. Your network understands your business and goals better than most people, so they’re not shy to recommend your products or services when suitable opportunities arise.

Solidify your support system

Entrepreneurship is an emotional rollercoaster. Anyone who has ever ventured off to pursue an idea can attest to it. Business owners can probably also confirm that a network is the best support system during those unexpected dips, turns, and breakdowns. No one knows what you’re going through like a fellow entrepreneur. They’ve likely also gone through their fair share of failures and unexpected setbacks. While deterrents aren’t easy to go through, they’re more bearable when you have a support system alongside you.

Remain relevant

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to entrepreneurship. That’s because everything is constantly changing. Customer needs change, trends change, and undeniably, demand changes. As a business owner, you can’t get too comfortable. You have to constantly learn, grow, and adapt to the environment and its inevitable changes.

One of the top benefits of having a devoted network as a solopreneur is staying on top of industry trends. Whether your network challenges you to research on your own or shares relevant information regularly, knowledge is one of your ultimate superpowers. Use it to your advantage.