Validations from our Loved Ones on the Other Side

You may be relaxing and you smell the scent of perfume or cologne that is a favorite of a loved one on the Other side. There may be times when out of the blue, you have a funny memory of them and it just begins to play in your mind. You “feel” the energy and emotion of the experience and the connection with your loved ones.

special moment of meeting between a butterfly and a girl in the middle of nature

Often, it’s your “Peeps” getting your attention. They just drop that memory into your thoughts to get you connected and to think of them. When that happens, you are usually not mentally wandering. They get your attention. A song might come on that gets you connected with memories of the person.

It’s so fascinating, that you can hear a song and it takes you right back to when you used to listen to it and the life experience that was going on at that time in your life. Sometimes the memory is from thirty or forty years ago and you remember it with clarity.

Your loved ones will use your everyday life experience to give you validations that they’re around. You are driving down the street and a vehicle passes you and then pulls into your lane and the license plate reads your loved one’s name or a nickname that they would call you. To see the validations in so many ways in other people’s life experiences has inspired me to be open for mine.  

Receiving my validations from my Loved Ones is a great experience. My Mom’s validations are butterflies and moths. My Dad’s validation is a hummingbird. When I share those experiences, people sometimes think that our loved ones are flying these butterflies and hummingbirds around. However, they are resonating with the same frequency and vibration.

When birds are in a flock and they all turn at the same time, they usually do not run into each other. The whole flock is on the same channel of thoughts. All of the birds know the vibes of energy on the channel and interact effortlessly in their dance of flight and validation. This is similar to how your loved ones connect to your frequency and vibration.

I always enjoy my validations from my Peeps. One of my favorites is when I stepped out of my truck and I saw a couple of pennies as I closed the door. I said, “Thank you,” to my loved ones and picked up the two pennies. I looked at the year of the first penny and it was the birth year of my first son. I looked at the second one and it was the birth year of my second son. That was my loved ones’ way of letting me know that they are aware of my boys.

The casual, day to day validations of feathers and pennies becomes symbolic as “Pennies from Heaven” or “A Penny for your thoughts”. The most recent validation from my Mom was a feather that I found right at the front door of my house. I picked it up and looked at the markings on it. It was a white and brown feather and the brown coloring looked like the letter E. My Mom’s name is Elaine.

Making the connection with our Loved Ones is the biggest gift that we can give them and ourselves. Connecting with them in their new world as they are connecting with us in our world is just a thought away. The thought is instantaneous, you can be here and to the other side of Universes instantly through thought. Light is a little slow at the speed of 186,000 miles per second. Enjoy the validations of connection with your loved ones and you may experience a lot more. It’s all about Love!