Fun Ideas for Your Summer Self-Care Checklist

Summer is the perfect time to slow down and take a break from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. With kids out of school, co-workers on vacation, and work assignments lower than usual, summertime is the perfect excuse to prioritize yourself and practice some much-deserved self-care.  

Don’t let the summer get away without taking care of yourself. Below are five fun ideas you should add to your summer self-care checklist.

Start a garden

A garden does more than provide plants and produce. Starting a garden creates a refuge to escape whenever you need a moment to slow down and relax. Whether you’re an armature with zero experience or a seasoned gardener with a tried-and-true green thumb, gardening is a great self-care option.

Declutter a closet

I can’t be the only one that finds decluttering and organizing calming, right? There’s something magical about emptying a small space, going through each item, and sorting only the essentials you want to keep. If this sounds like your idea of a good time, add decluttering to your self-care list. You will walk away feeling relaxed, destressed, and productive.

Try a new workout

I get it. Sweat and pain may not sound like the ideal self-care regimen to everyone, but stepping out of your comfort zone and trying a new workout routine is a great way to pamper yourself. Working out is proven to help reduce stress and increase dopamine, two essential contributors to improving your mental health and mood.

Make time for your hobby

When was the last time you carved out time for your favorite pastime? Our busy schedules and overwhelming to-do lists often keep us from prioritizing the activities we enjoy. If this sounds like you, you can probably benefit from spending time on your hobbies. Whether you like to fish at dawn or knit while watching your favorite show, make time for your hobby this summer.

Ditch social media

The summer slowdown often gives us the extra time we don’t experience during busier months. While extra time is welcome, it’s not always beneficial if spent doing pointless, and sometimes harmful, activities. Mindless social media scrolling is one of them. Sure, it seems harmless, but too much social media can lead to anxiety, distraction, and comparison. To combat these negative effects, try a social media detox and remove social media from your life for the rest of the summer.

Which one of these activities will you be adding to your summer self-care checklist?