Style Essentials for College Students Building Their Personal Brand

Back to school season is here, and while most companies are marketing to grade school students and their parents, there’s a huge market they forget about: college-bound students. Whether you’re a college student yourself or are the parent of a young adult perusing higher education, make style a priority.Female student using smart phone and holding books while walking in campus.

It’s hard to believe I graduated with my degree in journalism almost five years ago. While college wasn’t what I expected it to be, I learned a lot about myself and building my personal brand. While personal style doesn’t guarantee good grades, graduation, or a job, it adds a valuable touch to your personal brand. An essential element to a person’s career, reputation, and future.

Below are some style essentials for college students building their personal brand.

Choose a color palette

One of the easiest ways to build your personal style is to choose a color palette that will help build a structure for your wardrobe. These colors don’t just hint at your personality and taste, but they also make it easier to shop and get dressed every morning.

A good ratio is four neutral colors and one fun color to focus your wardrobe around.

Set limits

It’s easy to get carried away with fashion. With trends constantly changing and retailers frequently releasing new items, our closets can quickly turn into an avalanche of clothes. By setting limits to the number of clothes you can own at one time, you’ll build boundaries that will help you avoid overwhelm.

Buy a pack of hangers and limit yourself to that amount of clothes for the entire semester.

Keep it comfy

Caucasian woman is reaching for clothes from her closet.

Whether they’re walking to class across campus, their car down the street, or their dorm miles away, college students are always on the move. This is why comfort is essential for personal style. Your daily outfits should make you feel like the best version of yourself, and that includes ease.

Make layering your best friend by wearing what’s comfortable and layering what’s not.

Dress for success

With the fall of the office dress code, it’s no surprise many professionals across the country are opting for casual outfits as their daily attire. While comfort is king, professionalism is queen and can be easily achieved for busy college students.

Use Pinterest as a resource for comfortable yet professional outfit ideas.

Be you

Personal branding is what differentiates you from everyone in your field, so it’s important to not lose your individuality. Highlight what it is that makes you unique and special. Personal style is all about your taste and passions, so don’t try to be someone you’re not to impress others.

Make a list of what makes you unique and celebrate it in your style.