Are Dating Apps The Reason We Can’t Find Love?

The other night my friend and I were talking about finding love in today’s crazy world of online matches and swiping left or right.

During our discussion an interesting point was brought up. Are we the reason why we can’t find love?

Hear me out.

Now, more than ever, there is a myriad of ways to meet people and find “the one.” Those looking for love can sign up and pay a membership to join exclusive sites, or there’s always the free apps you can download to your phone and scroll through at your leisure.

Regardless of your preferred method, there is no shortage of ways to meet people and find someone you have things in common with.

However, because of the wide net that can be cast, are we in turn making it so difficult to find someone that we are the reason as to why we feel loveless?

Think about that certain someone you know who’s been on all the dating sites and still can’t find the perfect match. I’m sure you and your friends have all talked about what the reason could be as to why this person is still looking for love.

Maybe it’s because there are too many choices and it’s far too easy to cast someone aside if they don’t measure the perfect height, for example.

What I am saying is because there’s access to all the eligible matches out there, maybe we end up setting our standards to a level that’s now unrealistic and unobtainable.

Maybe, because we can just move on and search again, we have made it so difficult on ourselves to find the perfect person that it backfires and we end up never finding our match.

There use to be a day when we had to really get to know someone without the help of texting, FaceTiming, or really anything tech related.

We had to physically meet face to face, and if we did use technology it was the phone on a landline. We had to communicate with our actual voices, not just through text messages. Messages were used to write sweet notes to each other, not to have an entire conversation.

Has technology made it easier to meet people? Yes. But has it also made it easier to see people as disposable? I think so.

I think we have actually made it more difficult to date and fall in love with someone because we’ve taken the personal aspect out of dating. It isn’t nearly as intimate and engaging as it use to be.

Sadly, when we say love is hard to find, I think we have done it to ourselves. So the next time you decide to open your dating app, I say try to approach it from a different perspective.

Instead of looking at this person as someone who can be discarded if they don’t seem perfect straight out of the gate, give them a chance, engage in conversation, and try to be more open minded as to the type of person they are.

You never know, you might be pleasantly surprised.