Happy Valentine’s Day, SmartFem family.

Valentine’s day, typically a day celebrating love, chocolate, and hallmark cards, it not really considered the most feminist of holidays.

Historically Saint Valentine, a third-century Roman saint died a gory and-and painful death after his alleged fight or argument with emperor Claudius Gothicus (Claudius II) regarding Claudius. Really the whole this is historically muggy with little to know facts about the man, in fact, several catholic Roman Martyrology sources state there might have been several holy men fighting for Christianity during this time named Valentine, and their stories have all blended into one.

Today we celebrate that weird, mostly Christian and roman history by putting little hearts on everything and getting roses and chocolate.

I’m not here to argue with you about the background and founding of the holiday but to hopefully open up your eyes to a different perspective on old Saint Valentine’s day.

I love Valentine’s day, I’m a feminist and I think it’s an amazing holiday, but only if you make it that way.

So how do you turn a holiday which is arguably mostly for capitalist gain, into a feminist day?

Celebrate  all kinds of love

Love comes in all shapes and forms. Who am I to say what love is, and furthermore who are card companies, and adds and, chocolate bars.

You decide who you love and how you love.

Feminism means that everything is treated with equality and for me, that comes down to valentines day cards and candy.

LGBTQ friends, I’m sorry not many holiday cards for you exist but know that your love is valued.

So go, celebrate whatever form of love you have.


Use the day as platform for “I love yous”

In my family we all give one another Valentine’s day cards. Even while in college I managed to email several cards, to my mom, grandparents, and even one I wrote to my sister as if it were from her precious pet car.

See, I grew up knowing that you keep the people you love in your life by showing them you appreciate them. Valentine’s day allows our normally stoic and unemotional American society a day to let go and say “I love you”

So do it, with friends, neighbors, classmates, and family.

Enjoy spreading love

Lastly, in a word of turmoil and constant crisis relish in a day where you can just enjoy love.

Enjoy that moment of bliss, by spreading love in your local coffee shop, or grocery store by paying for the next item.

Brighten up someone’s world with a balloon, or just take your tired co-worker or working mom out to a lunch.

Spreading love can be as simple as holding someone’s hard work and giving them a pat on the back. Why not use Valentine’s day to share those joys.

Be a feminist this Valentine’s day and celebrate love in every shape and size, I promise your heart will grow in leaps and bounds as long as you remember that love has no limit, and neither should your kindness, generosity, and care.

Remember….. Love is love is love is love is love