Five Tips to Pack a Healthy School Lunch for a Picky Eater

It’s hard to believe summer break is over and schools across the country are back for another year. I have to admit, after an adventurous summer, I’m looking forward to my daughter heading back to school. It’s time to gather her school supplies, uniforms, and a bento box for school lunches.

Eating RightIf your child is a picky eater like mine, you’re probably dreading packing their school lunched every single day. I don’t blame you. Packing school lunch for a picky eater is one of the most stressful tasks for a parent. Fortunately, there are fun ways to mix things up and make school lunched a breeze. Below are five tips to pack a healthy school lunch for a picky eater.

Get kids involved

Letting your children get involved in the kitchen is one of the easiest ways to boost their enthusiasm about the food they’re going to eat. Whether it’s cutting an apple, peeling an orange, or building a sandwich, I encourage you to get your kids involved in prepping their school lunches. No task is too small, so ease them into the process and decide what responsibilities are appropriate for your child.

Find inspiration

I love browsing through Pinterest for healthy lunch box ideas. Set some time on the weekends to make a menu of items for the upcoming week. Let your child point out what they find appealing and make not of it. You can even have your child create a menu to help remind you of what’s for lunch that day.

Add color, shapes, textures

Adding color, shapes, and textures to your child’s lunch is a great way to keep things healthy and exciting. Think of all the healthy options you have and how you can keep things interesting for them. For example, you can use fun cookie cutters to cut apples or sandwiches. Add things like baby peppers or cucumbers for an extra pop of color and crunch.

Offer variety

One of my favorite things about bento boxes is that you’re able to mix things up with a variety of items (up to 6!). Each portion of the bento box can be a healthy option that you and your child have agreed upon. Mix things up depending on your diet. For our household, it’s a combination of fruits, veggies, dairy, carbs, and protein, but you can do whatever works for you and your restrictions.

Check-in every day

One of the best ways to keep track of your child’s eating habits is to check in with them at the end of the day. Ask them about their favorite items, their go-to bites, and what they didn’t gravitate towards during lunchtime. With time, you’ll be able to better plan their lunches and offer healthy and hearty meals that keep everyone happy.