How to Create a Routine Good for You and Your Lifestyle

As summer comes to an end and life returns to somewhat normal, I’m reminded of the importance of routines and why they’re essential to living healthy, happy, and fulfilled lives. As much as we hate to admit it, we’re creatures of habit. We keep to the places we know, and whether those places are good or bad is up to us to determine.

While it might seem overwhelming when creating a routine for the first time, doing so isn’t too bad when you follow a few simple tips. Below are four tips to create a routine that’s good for you and your lifestyle.

Figure out your non-negotiables

Creating routines means adding and removing habits from your daily life. Taking the time to figure out your non-negotiables gives you a good starting point for your new routines. Whether that’s your 7 a.m. wake-up time, your 6 p.m. workout, or your 9 p.m. shower before bed, these items will help build the foundation for what your routine will workaround.

Start by making small changes

If you currently wake up at 8 a.m. but your goal is to create a routine that starts at 4 a.m., you’d likely find it hard to wake up four hours earlier from one day to the next. Making small and positive changes can eventually lead you to your goal without reaching burnout first. These small steps toward your ideal routine will keep you inspired, motivated, and excited for the possibilities to come.

Create a realistic schedule

Setting realistic expectations and schedules is key to creating routines that are good for you and your lifestyle. Make sure you’re not overbooking yourself in hopes of getting more done on any given day. The goal of routines isn’t to do more, it’s to do things enough that they become second nature. Remember, be realistic.

Make time for things you enjoy

Routines don’t have to be boring or dry. They’re meant to help you live healthier and more intentional lives. So, make sure you’re not leaving out those activities you’re passionate about. Whether it’s your morning run, your self-care nighttime routine, or your 6 p.m. crochet session, make time for things you enjoy. They’ll keep your routine fun and enjoyable.