’s a question I am sure we have all wanted to know the answer to. Do people really like to cuddle? To feel another person’s body heat and sweat, oh but a little too close to your own. Hearing them breathe heavily, maybe even snore right inside of your ear. Is that a pleasant way to sleep? And even if you are able to slowly drift into REM…what if you wake up? Forget about moving to your other side, stomach, or back. You are now a statue unable to adjust out of fear of disturbing the person now attached to you.

Why do people cuddle in the first place? I used to think it was something all women wanted to do. It meant you had an “emotional connection” with your partner. Cuddling was something I thought men did because they knew women believed cuddling was a way to show their affection. Now I am just not too sure.

Who do we think likes to cuddle more…men or women? Is it something men only do to please their lady partner or do men secretly like cuddling…? I know personally I would rather go to our separate sides of the bed. I call right side, of course! But before I can, I find myself being grabbed and tricked into being the little spoon. Um…no thanks! Why would I want your hand on my stomach all night?! Why would I want to close my eyes, pretend to be asleep while hoping REALLY, REALLY hard that I actually fall asleep? I don’t know about you but I did not major in Drama…not a good actress. If you try to cuddle with me, I won’t be able to fake a smile. I will scream.

I’m not saying I don’t understand why people cuddle. I do! You want to feel close to your person after a physical rendezvous or while doing something as trivial as watching television. I get it. Touching is one of the main methods we use to show affection to another person. Whether it’s a hand on the back, a touch of the face, a hug, a kiss…actually any of these will do instead of cuddling! I mean let’s be real- do you really get good sleep while spooning? Sleeping is such an important act. It’s usually the best part of the day. Don’t let cuddling ruin the only time you have to relax…unless of course you are spooning with your pillow (that’s okay).